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About Us

Hello there, thanks for stopping by! Here is a little something about us, but before that, let’s bring in a little context.

We all have worries at some point or the other, don’t we? Right from something as small as dealing with a flat tyre to bigger concerns like the safety of our elderly parents who live far away from us. We don’t want these worries to eat up your mind space and keep you from better things. We want to try and ease these worries in any way we can, because we believe everyone deserves to be cared.

So, we thought about what we can do to make your life simpler. And Voila! We came up with some comprehensive end-to-end solutions for your worries, which you can find on our Caringly Yours app. And to top it, through this site, we will be sharing plethora of stories, information and knowledge on many topics that may directly relate to your health, your vehicle, your home, the gadgets you use or even your travel plans. It’s our intent to equip you with the power to solve, or at least ease a whole lot of your worries through these contents.

And yes, we don’t want this to be a one-way street. As you go ahead and read or view the collection of contents we’ve put together for you, we’d love to hear from you on what you liked, what helped you and what you’d like to know more about, so that we can create more contents that you can use to put your worries to rest. You may also drop us a line in the comments section, and we’ll pick up a dialogue from there. And Oh!  If you think that something you come across here could benefit someone you know, don’t hesitate to share.

Looking forward to learn, grow and continue to foster a care-filled association with you, we are

Caringly Yours