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Is The AC Pipe Troubling Your Car’s Air Conditioner?

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Being stuck in a car with a non-functional AC can be tormenting. Moreover, during the hotter months of the year, the car’s internal temperature can shoot up quickly, converting it into a furnace of sorts. Besides the obvious comfort factor, it is passenger safety that gets compromised as well, should electrical gremlins disrupt proper functioning of the AC.

Among other factors, the AC pipe is vital to the optimum functioning of your car’s air conditioner.

Sourav, 32, is an IT engineer based out of Hyderabad. On his way to office one day, He found out that the Car Ac Stopped working suddenly. The young engineer’s spirit sank at the thought of having to travel almost 12 kilometres, to and fro, without the only appliance that could keep the scorching heat away.

He glanced at his watch; it was 8 in the morning. Sourav thought to himself whether he would get any mechanic to fix his AC at this point in time. He remembered Raami, a 25-something mechanic who had fixed his car when it was still early days for him in the city. But he didn’t know where to find Raami.

How Sourav wished he retained the card that Raami had given him! Nonetheless, he searched up the internet. ‘Car repairs near me’, he searched. There were a slew of results on the first page, and Sourav decided to go ahead with the second one, for it was within one kilometre from his current location.

When he reached the garage, Sourav was pleasantly surprised. Why, it was Raami, after all! The young mechanic recognized Sourav almost instantly, offered him a chair and asked his assistant to bring him a beverage. Sourav didn’t refuse, considering the sun was then beating down.

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Sourav wasted little time in explaining the problem to Raami. Though all of 25, the young mechanic had a sense of urgency and purpose about himself, Sourav thought.

Sourav prefaced Raami about his commitments and the fact that he had to be in office as soon as he could. It was almost as if Raami knew what had to be done; he asked his assistant to bring him the tool-kit. Once he had his tools with him, Raami quickly went about his job.

When Raami returned, Sourav asked him what exactly was wrong with the air conditioner. The dexterous mechanic explained in as simple terms as he could. He said that the air conditioning system, in most modern vehicles, was a closed-loop system wherein the refrigerant and coolant remained locked inside unless there was a leak.

Simply put, the main issue with a  Car’s Air Conditioner or freezing, factors that prevent circulation of cold air.

Raami said that with refrigerant leakage, it was often difficult to pinpoint the exact spot of the leak – something that made it quite tricky to address the issue in the first place. When Sourav asked that whether there was any way to identify a leak, Raami advised to check for accumulation of oily substances. A sealant can help to plug the leak, was what Raami said.

Sourav felt that his decision was right; Raami was indeed good at his job. The mechanic further explained that the presence of moisture could freeze AC lines. Depending on the network, liquid refrigerant usually expandedand changed to gas at the fixed orifice tube or expansion valve. This resulted in freezing of the moisture, thereby restricting flow of refrigerant and producing warm air – Raami clarified.

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Sourav understood that if AC lines froze, the first thing he would have to do is get rid of the moisture. Prior to undertaking repairs on other parts, it was imperative that the refrigerant be recovered.What Sourav understood, Raami corroborated.

Only thirty minutes had passed when the assistant came back with the tool-kit. Raami went in for another round of inspection, post which, he came back to tell Sourav that the job had been done. Sourav looked at his watch again; it was ten minutes to 9. He asked for Raami’s card, made sure he put it in his wallet, and thanked the mechanic.

On his way out, Sourav now felt contended with the entire experience. He wondered how only a fixed AC pipe could make him feel good and steady in his head. It was then that he looked up at the scorching sun, and immediately understood why.

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