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While all of us expect airliners to offer the best services in terms of cost, comfort and facilities, the role of passengers is equally important. Air travel rules have undergone major changes over the years and to ensure a pleasant journey, you must follow certain etiquette.

Following these go a long way in making you a respectful and courteous flyer, irrespective of whether you are on domestic or international flight. Let’s get started.

Airplane Etiquette:

Board Courteously

Passengers scuffling among themselves during boarding is not an uncommon sight. You must avoid it at all cost. Queue up properly, show your boarding pass and take your seat. Help your fellow passengers and place your bags vertically, rather than horizontally.

This will ensure your fellow passenger too can place his/her baggage comfortably. Put your carry-on bag in the bin in front of you.

Respect Your Space

Maintaining and respecting your personal space can make the entire journey comfortable for you and your co-passengers. You can allow the middle passenger to use the armrests and keep your legs confined within the widths of the chair frame.

Also, if you are a long international flight, or have a medical condition, it makes sense to recline for long hours. However, if you are a domestic flight which can be reached in a few hours, you can avoid reclining and keep your seat straight.

Keep Kids Under Control

Whether you are on an international or domestic flight, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to keep your kids under control. Don’t allow them to walk in the aisle too often, go near cockpits or throw garbage in the aircraft.

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Also, kids generally have the habit of kicking seats in front of them. Tell them not to do it. It’s a good idea to tell your kids the dos and don’ts at home before boarding.

Adopt Caution While Conversing With Co-Passengers

Conversing with co-passengers during flights is quite common. However, some prefer to remain quiet during the entire journey. During conversation, be mindful of the cues given by your co-passenger.

When you converse, be soft and not loud. A loud conversation can disturb other passengers in the aircraft. Also, avoid getting too personal during conversation. If your co-passenger drops signals to stop conversation, do so immediately.

Behave Well With Cabin Crew Members

Cabin crew members are there to help you in every possible way to make your journey comfortable. They need to follow certain protocols. Whether you are on domestic and international travel, make sure you co-operate with them.

Follow their instructions and avoid getting into arguments. If you have any concern, put it in a polite and respectful manner.

To Sum Up

Following the above etiquette can make your journey enjoyable and hassle-free. Note that today airliners are pretty strict in dealing with rowdy passengers. They can be barred from flying.


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