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10 Alternatives For Daily Plastic Items

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Plastic is both literally and metaphorically a carcinogen in our lives. For a moment, just stop whatever you’re doing, head to your living room and look around you. Observe the number of items that are made of plastic or have plastic in them.

Your smartphone you’re holding in your hand, the television right in front of you, the speaker chassis connected to it, the wrapper of the crisps on the table, the scissors you use to cut it, and the list could go on.

Our dependency on plastic has shot up to such extents that it is quite impossible to think of a world without it. While some applications of plastic cannot be avoided completely or immediately, there are a few plastic-made products that can be easily replaced.

This infographics is all about taking a step towards conserving our environment for not just the future generations but ourselves. If you didn’t know, even the highest salt water lake in the world had a wrapper of crisps lying on it. This means we, as humans, are not sparing even places outside of civilization as well.

With some minor lifestyle changes, we can reverse to an extent the damages we are causing. So, check out the infographic and see how many items made of plastic you have in your home right now.

We have also presented eco-friendly alternatives that you could replace almost immediately. These are conscious decisions you could take once and pave the way for a better world in the coming years. Imagine the power of collective change if you and I could start making minor changes in our lives.

Check them out and implement them. And share this with everyone in your circle.

Let’s reduce plastic!

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