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Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate love. But what if you have an entire Valentine’s Weekend? That’s when things get exciting!

Most of the people are planning for a movie, dinner or club date for their Valentine’s Day celebration. But, you wouldn’t want to be in the group of most people. Valentine’s Day is a day to express your love to your partner in the most unique way possible. So, why not take an offbeat vacation?

Here are some offbeat weekend getaway ideas, specially curated for Valentine’s Weekend in 2020. Visit any of these places and you are guaranteed to have a magical Valentine’s Day:

Valentine Weekend Getaways

1. Pune to Bhandardara

Distance – 170 km from Pune

How to reach there – Go by road

Must Visit Places – Wilson Dam, Umbrella Falls and Kalsubai Peak

On the North-Western side of Pune, on the way to Nasik, is Bhandardara. It is remarkable that although it’s only 170 km, it sits as a hidden spot for a romantic valentine weekend getaway. If you are seeking a fulfilling vacation this Valentine’s Weekend near Pune – this is the place you should go to.

The ideal way to commute would be via a bus, a car or even a bike ride. You would get to enjoy the smooth roads and green pastures on both sides as you reach Bhandardara.

Once you have reached here, start your trip with the Wilson Dam. Considered to be one of the most beautiful dams in the entire country, the dam is also the home to Umbrella Falls. When you visit the falls, make sure you visit the footbridge to have a closer look at the falls.

Finally, you should visit the Everest of Maharashtra – Kalsubai Peak. The peak is considered to be the highest point in the entire Sahyadri Mountain Range. If your idea of an ideal vacation is to sit in the company of echoing mountains, fog and greenery – the peak will feel like heaven to you.

2. Mumbai to Harihareshwar

Distance – Approximately 200 km

How to reach there – By road

Must Visit Places – Harihareshwar Beach and Temple, Bagmandala

When people talk about offbeat getaway spots from Mumbai, you usually land up in Mahabaleshwar, Goa, Lonavala or Lavasa. Unfortunately, all the places are too crowded for comfort over Valentine’s Weekend.  This is where Harihareshwar comes to your rescue!

Sitting on the coastal Konkan region of Maharashtra, Harihareshwar is a place of great natural and religious significance. Even though the place sounds like a pilgrimage, its natural beauty is worth every ‘Instagrammable’ shot you will take there.

Harihareshwar is known for its spectacular beaches. The Maharashtra government has set up a resort near the main temple in the place and both the beaches are at a walkable distance from here. The best part of these beaches is that they are very well-maintained. You can clearly enjoy the sunset in the company of your loved one, without having to worry about the hygiene on the beach.

The place is yet to be discovered by the crowds of Mumbai. The seclusion, maintenance and hygiene of the beach lend it a sense of tranquility and peace. Once you are done visiting the beach, don’t forget to visit the main temple in Harihareshwar. You should also visit Bagmandala, a small village near Harihareshwar. The village is popular for adventure trips around its river-like water stream flowing right through the forest.

3. Indore to Hanumantiya Island

Distance – 130 km

How to reach there – By road

Things to Do – Air and Water Adventures

If you are living in Indore, there are not many occasions for you to visit a beach, let alone an island. This is the exact reason why Hanumantiya Island is a boon for everyone seeking an offbeat vacation for Valentine’s Day from Indore!

All you have to do is drive for a little over 130 km via Khandwa Road. And you will reach this paradise-like island. M.P government has taken a special initiative to make the island a tourist destination over the coming years. There is a wide range of things you can do once you are on the island.

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First and foremost – you get to choose between the air, water and land activities. There are a ton of water sports for you to choose from. If you are interested in air-borne adventures, you must try paragliding.

After filling your weekend with the thrill of water sports and air-based adventures, you can balance it out with the peaceful view at the Nagchung Dam and Indira Sagar Dam. You can give the perfect closure to your getaway at the Tulja Bhavani Temple, considered to be among the few Shaktipeeths in India.

4. Jaipur to Sawai Madhopur

Distance – 180 km

How to reach there – By road

Must Visit Places – Ranthambore Fort, Kachida Valley and Chamatkar Temple, Shilpgram

For people of Jaipur – the standards of vacation have to be much higher than most other cities. This is because they are already jaded with the beauty and charm of Jaipur!

For anyone looking at an unconventional romantic getaway from Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur is the perfect place to go to. The city dawns great Mewari architecture, opulent natural sights and temples of great significance.

You can start your trip by deciding whether you would like to go to Ranthambore National Park. The park is spread across 392 km and will take an entire day to be covered. The trip will be entirely worth it if you are willing to spend a day here.

Along with this, you must visit the Ranthambore Fort. The fortified walls bear great stories of the Mewar dynasty and its rich lineage. This will surely make for some great social media stories. Pair it with the outing to Kachida Valley and the bird-sighting adventure, and you have a near-perfect vacation at hand.

You can top it off by visiting the Chamatkar Temple. As you might have guessed, it is known to bestow wishes of all its visitors. Before leaving, don’t forget to visit the Shilpgram – it is a village known for crafts and art, and is the cherry on the cake!

5. Guwahati to Mawsynram

Distance – 150 km

How to reach there – By road

Must Visit Places – Khreng Khreng Viewpoint, Mawjymbuin Caves, Shillong

Being in Guwahati is very exciting throughout the year. But during Valentine’s Weekend, the city can get crowded with tourists. As a local resident – what do you do if you want to have an equally magical vacation?

You go to Mawsynram. Located in the quiet and hilly region outside Shillong, Mawsynram has everything you can ask for – flora & fauna, peace and no crowds. You can take a bus or a car from Guwahati and reach Mawsynram via Shillong in a few hours.

Once you are here, you should start your trip with Khreng Khreng Viewpoint. As a local from Guwahati, you must already be used to the beauty of hills. But you would want a place that you can enjoy like an old wine – without any disturbance and at your own pace. The isolation of this place and the high altitude of the viewpoint let you do that.

From here, you can go to the Mawjymbuin Caves. The caves serve very well as an adventure trip and conclude as a religious one. Finally, once you have collected the peace and harmony of the place, you can attend the rock concerts at Shillong – the underexplored rock-capital of India!

6. Bangalore to Grover Vineyards

Distance – 45 km

How to reach there – By road

Things to do – Wine Tours and Nandi Hills

Valentine’s Weekend is about romance. And what place can be more romantic than the French countryside where you can explore the finest wines in the world! The only problem is – most of these vineyards are very crowded across the year and it is very expensive to go to France for Valentine’s Weekend. So, if you want the same experience, what do you do? If you stay in Bangalore, you are in for a treat.

All you have to do is ensure there’s enough fuel in your car to take you to your office and back. With this fuel, you will be able to reach the Grover Vineyards in Nandi Hills. It’s that close!

Once you are here – you are free to immerse yourself in the wine tours organized by the wine-producing company itself. You can book the wine tour and get to see the entire process of winemaking. Obviously, there would be a good amount of wine tasting as well. You can easily spend an entire day tasting wines and gazing at the sunshine.

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After the wine tour, you can head straight to Nandi Hills. Conclude your journey with the Tipu’s Drop and Bhoganandeeshwara Temple. When you come back to Bangalore, both you and your relationship will feel a new sense of energy!

7. Delhi to Khajjiar

Distance – Approximately 600 km

How to reach there – By flight. Nearest Airport – Dharamshala – About 120 km

Must Visit Places – Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Khajjiar Lake and Kailash Villages

Yes – shopping in Connaught Place can be quite satisfying. But it will never equate the fulfilment you can get in the company of snow-kissed mountains and your loved ones.

If you are seeking a memorable Valentine’s Weekend vacation, just use your international card and take a flight to Khajjiar. In about two hours, you will be sitting between skies and mountains that resemble the heavens.

Khajjiar trips usually start with the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is rich in its preservation of hilly region animals. It was once considered a sanctuary for the royals, as it was the hunting ground for the kings and queens of the olden days.

Once you have enjoyed exploring the sanctuary, visit the Khajjiar Lake. It is almost amusing how a lake can exist at such high altitudes. You can indulge in a day-long picnic or go for some horse-riding. Finally, when you are done with relaxing around the lake, you can have a cup of hot tea with your loved one and enjoy looking at the Kailash Mountains visible from the nearby villages.

8. Ahmedabad to Wilson Hills

Distance – 365 km

How to get there – By road

Must Visit Places – Barumal Temple, Wilson Hills Museum, Bilpudi Twin Waterfalls, Sunrise Point and Sunset Point

Being in Ahmedabad, most of Valentine’s Day ideas come are organized around having a dinner date. Sure, there are some great restaurants in the city. But on Valentine’s Weekend, you may get jaded with the usual monotony of the city.

You can break this monotony and enter a world of wonder and flare by visiting Wilson Hills. Located near Surat, the hills sit at a distance of about halfway to Mumbai. Ideally, you should make your accommodation bookings early since there are not that many hotels or motels in the place.

But once you are here – you are bound to have a very satisfying Valentine’s Weekend. You can arrive at night and catch the astonishing sunrise at Sunset Point. Then, add a religious note to the symphony of your day by visiting the Barumal Shiva Temple. After lunch, take a look at the Wilson Hills Museum that shows the rich history of the place. Finally, go to the Bilpudi WaterFalls and end your day at the Sunset Point.

Wilson Hills is underexplored. So, if your friends think you are visiting some foreign location going by this name, you will get another interesting story to tell!

9. Hyderabad to Ananthagiri Hills

Distance – 81 km

How to get there – By road

Must Visit Places – Tyda Park, Bhavanasi Lake, Borra Hills & Caves, Dolphin’s Nose

Hyderabad is a treat to the eyes. So, as a Hyderabadi, when you head out to a romantic valentine weekend getaway – you would be looking for something equally, more stunning. Ananthagiri Hills is the destination of your quest!

You can easily get to the hills in a few hours via a smooth car ride. After reaching there, kick-start your Valentine’s Weekend with some sightseeing at Tyda Park. If you are an adventure lover, the park will definitely interest you since many animals are roaming freely across the park.

From here, you can head to the Badrinath in the South, the lake of Bhavansi has a mysterious look around it. The lake has deep religious value and is considered pious. You should take a dip when you visit the lake before you start getting mesmerized by the beauty of the lake itself.

Eventually, take the adventure levels a notch higher by visiting the Borra Hills & Caves. The caves are over a million-years-old and were discovered only a couple of centuries ago. The mystic feel at the caves will definitely make for some great photos!

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