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Air conditioners need to be serviced regularly. The process generally takes some time; an appointment with a service expert can require you to alter your schedule a bit, but it will be worth the trouble. The last time I needed to get my coincided with my neighbour Shreya who required her AC to be serviced too.

Shreya was my morning-walk companion. She wasn’t more than an acquaintance and found her to be a little self-absorbed. Due to this nature, she was always in competition with everyone and trying to prove that everything related to her was better.

She declared, with her usual competitive enthusiasm, that her AC service guy was the best! Shreya informed me that she would call him on Saturday and if she should ask him to service my AC as well!

After coming to know that her service expert would arrive at 9 am, I took his phone number from her. However, I decided to hold off calling the expert until I was sure I could attend my office a bit late on Saturday.

While I didn’t doubt Shreya’s service expert, it turned out to be a good decision not to contact him right away. It’s because I found out that I couldn’t afford to reach office late on Saturday. My personal experience with such local mechanics has never been too satisfying. They often don’t pick up your calls, or show up late. I couldn’t risk it on that particular Saturday.

So, I used an online app that provided local services. I booked an appointment with an AC service expert at the same time that Shreya had booked. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that her competitiveness had made me a little like that too. I wanted my service expert to beat Shreya’s guy in punctuality, efficiency and cost.

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The app that I used assured me that the expert’s background has been checked and certified by them. Although the rate mentioned seemed slightly higher, it was broken down clearly and hence, felt reasonable. I just hoped that they would be on time and would do an immaculate job.

On Saturday, when I woke up, I received a notification from the app confirming my booking and informing me that the expert would arrive at 9 am as promised. Unfortunately, at 9, Shreya’s maintenance guy did not show up or pick up his phone! But the app-based ac servicing expert was rather punctual and arrived at 8:57 am. He showed me his ID and began working.

After he was done, I paid the fee online and rated him 5-stars since he had done a decent job. I also managed to reach my office on time. Shreya enquired about my experience over text.

I told her how thoroughly professional and punctual my AC service personnel was. I made sure to ask her about her guy as well, to which she replied that her guy was an hour late but did an excellent job as usual.

When she told me the amount that she had to pay, I realized that it was slightly less than what I had paid. However, when I opened the service app, I found out that I had received a 10 percent cashback!  My mind started uttering the word ‘win’ over and over again!

I was elated to be aware of a hassle-free and reliable local AC service provider. The entire process was simple and quite smooth. I only had to use my phone app. Plus, the registered experts were certified, with their background inspected, and their pricing was standard and transparent.

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