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I was obese from the beginning and never paid any attention to my weight. My parents were also not much concerned about my obesity because they were quite busy in their own life. And frankly speaking, this made my heart sad at times.

I had never thought of losing weight training because no one was there to motivate me and show me the right direction. When I came to college, I was already accustomed to body shaming and yet was completely confident.

I never knew I would have to change my lifestyle when I would be left out from my college play only because I was obese. This was a shocking realization and I decided to do something about it as soon as possible.

When Beauty Gets Stereotyped in a Slim Body

My college had a drama club which used to organize regular plays for students, faculty and some dignitaries. I was always a stage person so thought of giving it a shot. I joined the club and started getting small side roles in main dramas. Everyone loved my acting skills and promised better roles for the next time.

I never thought that the drama committee was sidelining me all this while. The revelation came when I overheard the president of the drama club once when I was sitting in the canteen. I didn’t know he was sitting behind me. He was planning the next play with some members when someone suggested my name for the lead role. He instantly replied, “Lead heroines are supposed to be slim and not so fat like Manisha.”

That was the biggest blow to my self-confidence because I always believed that talent is the prerequisite for success in theatre. Never had I thought I would be stereotyped because of my body.

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The Self-Induced Challenge with Specific Changes That Transformed My Life

The hypocrisy of the people in power and double-faced attitude made me sick yet I knew he was not completely wrong. From Bollywood to TV commercials, the screen time is ruled by slim models. And that made me take an important decision. To transform my body by getting fit.

No one was there to help me with my plan, so I went to a nutritionist and shared my concerns. He suggested that instead of focusing on more hard work in the beginning, I should make consistent efforts to change my lifestyle. He specifically suggested focusing on two aspects

  • Building up cardio strength and stamina before starting any hardcore exercise regimen
  • Excluding white-colored food products like dairy items, refined floor along with fried foods

At first, I felt this was quite impossible. But something had hit me hard and I was adamant to change myself. Six months from the day I found what others thought about me, I was able to tone down my body and transform myself. People who knew me from earlier didn’t even recognize me and never believed I am the same fatso whom they used to joke about. Many were even shocked and didn’t understand how I managed to lose belly fat so much in so less time.

Not only I was able to regain my confidence, but I got a chance to audition for a few roles outside college. I never joined the drama club even when everyone was eager to get me on-board. That’s how I regained my confidence and agility. I hope that everyone gets the strength to become the best version of themselves and I can share the two fitness mantras shared by my nutritionist and fitness mentor that changed my life, forever with the world.

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