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Being a housewife is a full-time job. While I try to keep everything in order, there are times, when things go haywire. The pressure of dealing with kids, cooking for the family and keeping the entire house in order sometimes makes me forget my own personality.

There have been times when I have suffered from severe injuries while completing domestic tasks. I have learned to deal with them over time through small changes in my own routine. Like, I never try to move furniture around without a house help or my husband. There are several ways I avoid injuries. I would like everyone to make a note of these.

Ways To Avoid Bad Body Posture

Dealing with Children’s Routines 

One of the biggest problems any mother faces is the coming of any contingent event like the birthday party of your child’s best friend. Not only your child wants to go there but wants to go with a beautifully-wrapped gift.

My son has a lot of friends- from schools, tennis class and society. This naturally means he is invited to at least 1-2 birthday parties every month. With already so much to do, finding and preparing a gift for his friend is an additional task.

During the initial years, I had several back issues due to this simple task. In a hurry, I often sprained my neck and shoulder while wrapping gifts. Here is what I do to avoid such issues now:

  • I have prepared a separate table with everything needed- the gift, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, glue, etc. with a comfortable chair.
  • I never sit down on the floor, spreading sharp things like scissors around
  • I make sure that my abdomen is pulled in and shoulders are straight while wrapping multiple gifts when there are two or more parties.
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This way, my lower back is always relieved of the additional stress. This technique also works when I have to do household chores like folding clothes.

Cooking in the Kitchen

I have heard many of my friends complain about the pain and tiredness they have while cooking in the kitchen. Also, many suffer from injuries from sharp objects like knives or hot vessels. Here is what I do while cooking in the kitchen as good postures are important while cooking too:

  • I have raised my gas stove about a foot because my counter-top was too low. That made me bend down every time I had to cook. This gave me a lot of relief from back pain
  • I never try to lift heavy containers like the one having rice without a sturdy stool or a small ladder that I have in the kitchen.

While Lifting Heavy Objects

My neighbor often comes to me complaining about how she sprained her back while lifting a heavy object. I always recommend her to stop doing that. Because we as ladies are not meant to do that, I feel. Instead of just trying to lift and move things, I take my husband’s help once I week in arranging everything. Every Sunday he helps me take things in and out of upper racks of cupboards. Clean under the heavy furniture and do other tasks.

My doctor told me how bad posture caused irreversible damage to the bones and muscles of ladies. Since that day, I always was extra cautious while doing simple tasks like the above. Not only it saves me from injuries but also ensures that I am a more efficient housewife and a mother, too.

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