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Avoid Making These Mistakes With Your Car’s AC

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I always keep my windows up and AC running when I am driving. It had become a habit over the years. But now it has turned into a necessity due to so much unwanted noise and air pollution. If you don’t believe me, keep the windows up for five minutes with AC running and then close the AC and pull down the windows. You will notice a huge difference, which has the potential to ruin your mood and irritate you.

Not only does driving with your car AC running enhances your driving pleasure and experience, but it also has many other benefits that not many people realize. It makes you more sensitive and alert when driving and doesn’t add extra stress that driving typically causes. However, I have seen many people using their car AC in a wrong manner that deprives them of full comfort, and it also goes on to harm the efficiency of the AC in the long-run.

Avoid These Mistake With Your Car AC

Turning on the AC without ventilating the Car

One of the first mistakes that most people do when it comes to car AC is turning on the AC without ventilating the car. You need to make sure that you keep the windows open for the first few minutes and let the inside air vent out fully. You can throttle the blower to full without turning on the AC to accelerate the process of ventilating the stale air. I ventilate my car before I turn on the AC every time as it not only good for the air conditioner but also your health.

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Keeping the AC’s nozzles up facing the ceiling instead of it facing right on your face

You can increase your driving pleasure through the effect of AC by keeping the AC’s nozzles up facing the ceiling instead of it facing right on your face. It helps in cooling the car evenly through optimal distribution that it promotes. It doesn’t give you chills or cause any health issues like cough and cold, which is possible if you are driving with AC on for more than a couple of hours. I always point the AC nozzles up to ensure the cold air is not hitting my face directly. It can even distract you while driving as it can potentially not only cause cold and cough but induce sneezing spree as well.

Air Conditioner of your car also needs periodical maintenance

Just like your home air conditioner, the air conditioner of your car also needs periodical maintenance. You can achieve that by replacing the air filter on your car every 15,000 kilometres. It would ensure that the car gets cooler soon and the air you breathe in is fresh and clean. Also, check if there is sufficient coolant present in the car by taking the car for regular car servicing.

To ensure a comfortable driving experience, your car AC needs to function correctly. However, don’t blast the AC on full power as soon as you start the car as it would put unwarranted pressure on the engine as well as on the air conditioner. You should give your car a few minutes to cool down, and you can do so by choosing the ‘auto’ option that most cars have these days. Choosing the ‘auto’ option helps in even distribution of cold air in the car and maintains a comfortable temperature that neither makes you feel warm or too cold.

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In Conclusion

When you are driving, you need to be comfortable, and a car air conditioner contributes to achieving that comfort level. I take my car for regular servicing as well as change the filter periodically, as mentioned above. The tips mentioned above are in concert with what the car experts say, and you can use these tips to feel comfortable and enhance your driving pleasure and experience considerably.

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