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Having Battery Trouble With Your Mobile? Are You Making These Mistakes?

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The past three decades have witnessed significant advancements in technology. However, due to the breakneck pace of this evolution, we often forget to consider the drawbacks of this technology.

Six months ago, for instance, Rohit purchased a top-end smartphone. But recently, whenever he would try to use his phone while charging, it would heat up considerably. That puzzled him since the battery had a decent charge cycle thanks to ‘fast charging.’ Plus, given his sizable investment, Rohit did not expect to face such issues with such an expensive phone so soon.

Feeling cheated, he went to the service center for a replacement, as the phone was still under warranty.

Rohit told the store manager that it had only been six months since he bought the phone, and how his phone heated up a lot while charging. The store manager asked Rohit if he used his phone while it was being charged to which Rohit replied affirmatively.

Calmly, the manager requested for ten minutes, after which he could provide Rohit an explanation.

After inspecting the phone, the manager began. When one uses their smartphone while it’s getting charged, he explained, the battery is charged and discharged simultaneously due to continuous usage. This causes the battery to heat up. Hence, it is better to avoid using one’s phone while it is being charged. Rohit admitted that he should have been more careful.

The manager further advised Rohit to never place his phone in extremely high or low temperatures while charging as it affects the battery performance in the long run.

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Unaware that low temperatures might negatively affect the battery too, Rohit jokingly told the manager that he hopes people don’t place their phones in a freezer to cool them. The manager laughed heartily and told Rohit he had seen people employ interesting solutions to tackle phone related issues.

Rohit also found out that when the battery is overcharged, it shortens the battery life due to stress, causing it to overheat. That is when he realised that he would often keep his phone plugged in at night and only unplug it in the morning: hours after it would have finished charging fully. The ideal battery level to be using one’s phone, Rohit found out, was between 65 and 75 percent.

Something as simple as not taking the phone cover off while charging might lead to overheating as well. Due to the presence of the phone case, excess heat won’t be able to escape from the phone, causing more overheating. This seemed like common sense- something that everyone could easily ensure doing while charging their phones.

After listening intently, Rohit told the store manager that his points made sense and that he had never given such matters a second thought until today. He had never considered how interconnected everything was.

The store manager replied with a smile, “I’m glad you agree. And yes, one more thing. Use the charger provided along with your smartphone. Each phone is designed uniquely, and the charger is manufactured to meet your phone’s requirements.”

Rohit thanked the manager for his words of wisdom and left the store feeling like an informed man. He realized how ignorant he had been until now. He realized that some of the time he invested in choosing the smartphone could have been dedicated to understanding the dos and don’ts of using the phone. That way, he could have avoided landing his phone in such a problematic situation. But at least now he would never forget these simple tricks to keep his battery safe.

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