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Bedroom and Deep Cleaning – An Inside Story

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I’ve always yearned for independence. Independence from constant pampering, from asking permission to head out with friends and from being financially dependent on my parents. I wanted to realise this dream. So, after I found a job, I moved out from my parent’s home to a different city.

In the beginning everything was going fine and I was happy. But in a few months, I realized I consistently kept getting dejected, felt tired and completely demotivated.

I kept catching cold and felt lazy to do anything. This affected my work. I had to ask my boss to work from home just to save myself from the hassles of getting ready. I could see boxes of food, beverages, mails, and cobwebs everywhere in my home around me. It hit me hard when one of my friends fled within a few minutes of entering my home complaining of stale smell.

I was shocked that I couldn’t notice the foul smell and that I had gotten used to. That’s when I thought I had completely become someone else. I realized why my mom always asked me to clean my room. Staying alone, I felt a little assistance could help. But it was on me. I was responsible for the mess and I had to get my hands dirty.

So, I started reading about the best deep cleaning techniques and decided to take a long weekend to save my house. Getting a warning from my house owner gave the extra push I required as well.

However, in a couple of hours, I realized I wouldn’t be able to do all this by myself. I had to call in experts. I looked up online and called a few agencies. I found one to be most ideal in terms of costs and value and I called them in.

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After this, all I did was watch them diligently do their job. From what I could see, it was not just time-consuming but tiring as well. Two experts came in and each took up distinct rooms to get started with bedroom deep cleaning and also by cleaning of other places of my house.

Bedroom and Deep Cleaning process

One person took up the responsibility of bedroom deep cleaning, and cleaning of kitchen and living room and the other cleaned the bathroom and balcony. It was a comprehensive cleaning process, where the experts:

  • Started with removing the cobwebs in the respective rooms they were working in,
  • Cleaned the ceiling fans and lighting fixtures
  • Dusted electrical appliances and the shelves they were placed on
  • Cleaned furniture and my diwan. This was followed by the vacuuming of the furniture.
  • They also wiped the mirrors, windows and window glasses. Since I was on the ground floor, they also wiped the window mirrors from outside.
  • I noticed all the dust and particles getting collected on the ground, which they cleaned in the end as well. Once the visible particles were removed, they also scrubbed the floor and mopped it.

The entire process lasted for 8 hours straight. In between, they went for a quick lunch. Finally, when they shared that they were done with the deep cleaning process, I saw the entire place and felt happy.

Motivation and peace of mind – my two long-lost friends – seemed to be finding me again. I was a little relieved and I instantly video called my mom to show her my home.

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She wasn’t just happy. She was proud.

For the first time in many weeks, I was waiting for Monday. It was a refreshing change.

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