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I have been a happy mother for six months now. After reading hundreds of pages about how to be a good mother and caring for the baby, the biggest realization I had was no book or magazine can guide you about the feeling of motherhood.

You are always overprotective for your child and you want the best for them and give required nutrients to them. In my endeavor to give the best, I found out the biggest harm I am doing to my child is something we often ignore- using disposable diapers for him.

Though it doesn’t appear harmful, they are sprinkled with several chemicals which can cause rashes and more problems. You all must have felt your baby’s skin rough after using the diaper. Right?

So, I would like to share some of the benefits I discovered while using cloth diapers for my baby boy. I hope these advantages will help you make the right decision and adopt a more sustainable way for your child.

Benefits of Cloth Diapers

Soft on Sensitive Skin:

Cloth diapers offer a natural and soft feel which is better than the rashes a baby’s skin because of disposable diapers. Using cloth diaper made my baby more comfortable.

Chemical-free Alternative:

I found out that disposable diapers are treated with several chemicals like Sodium Polyacrylate and dioxins. Sodium Polyacrylate is used for the absorbent gel strips within the diapers. These chemicals pose a threat of chemical toxicity and are sometimes carcinogenic in nature, too. On the other hand, using a cloth diaper means that my baby’s skin gets a chemical-free experience, always.

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Cloth diapers are good for the environment. The diapers don’t end up in landfills and take millions of years to decompose, which makes them better when we think about the future of the planet. In fact, our children have to live in the future we are setting the foundation for. Using eco-friendly products means your child will have a cleaner environment to breathe, live and work in the future.


Buying fresh diaper supplies every month can be a bit costly when you are on a budget. Instead of using single-use disposable diapers, I switched to cloth diapers that served as a cost-efficient alternative as they can be reused over and over again, without worrying about the costs.

Using cloth diapers was not at all easy I admit at the beginning. I had to deal with laundry issues, and it took some time to get used to. But trust me, this was the best decision I made as a mother as I can see my child smiling even with the diaper on, which is a rarity. Trust me, your child doesn’t like the disposable diaper, either.

Think of it, how would you feel if an artificial nappy was attached to your bum all the time, restricting breathability. So, without another thought you should also switch to cloth diaper and get sorted for life.

I know switching to cloth diapers can be a tough decision for you as a parent when you see everyone using disposable ones. But don’t you want a clean, green, chemical-free and affordable alternative to the ridiculously expensive and artificial diapers available in the market.

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I have recommended these to many parents who are really happy using cloth diapers for their newborns. Whoever, I talk to, end up talking about how their baby doesn’t throw tantrums when they have to put a diaper on, since they have switched to cloth diapers. You should also give it a try once and experience all the benefits these diapers offer for your child’s skin as well as for our environment.

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