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Running helps improve our health in unprecedented ways. Besides the physical benefits, running also keeps people happy. Previously, I had some serious mental conditions like anxiety disorder and occasional depression, as a result of PTSD. However, after running for a while, I started to feel happier and more satisfied with my life, and in two years, depression took a backseat. Let me share with you some other benefits of running, as an exercise.

Benefits of Running:

Improves your breathing

Running regularly can increase your capacity and enhance your breathing mechanism. It’s an aerobic exercise, which uplifts mood and reduces stress and anxiety to a great extent.

Enhances cardiovascular health

The more you run, the healthier your heart is going to be. If you run 5-6 miles per day, your heart will not only live longer but also give you a healthier life than people, who don’t run.

Running gets rid of insomnia

I had been a night owl probably since the day I was born. However, when I started running every morning, my biological clock was mended. Nowadays, I fall asleep within 11 P.M., while it was so difficult for me to sleep even at 3 A.M. previously.

Get into shape

Well, of course, running regularly is the best exercise to burn excess fat. Keep running faster and faster, until you feel healthier and lighter again. I shed about 5 kilograms in 3 months, simply by running every day. Note here, I didn’t go to any gym.

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Live longer

Who doesn’t want to more years to his/her life? Run regularly to make it happen. I’ve seen people of over 60 years, running regularly to stay healthy. They even look so young!

Get rid of chronic pains

Unlike what most lazy people believe, running strengthens your bones, which may become brittle after a certain age. It increases bone mass, thus helping people with knee arthritis and other related issues. Running is also said to have profound effects on joints and muscles.

Running is a meditation

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been running for quite some time now and I’ve benefitted from it just the way I would have from meditating regularly. My concentration has improved drastically, and I can focus more on the work at hand without many diversions. Running every morning also keeps me rejuvenated for the rest of the day, and I have received compliments like, ‘You look so fresh’, ‘You’re always so happy’, from my colleagues, as well as my clients.

It detoxifies you

Running every morning has a massive impact on my regular lifestyle. It detoxifies me to a great extent, making me ready to face the world with renewed energy every day. It has also helped me solve complicated problems at work with a zeal that I’ve never experienced before.

I was quite a grumpy, complaining kind of person, who seldom interacted with his peers at work or his family at home. But now, things have changed for the better. My wife says that I’ve become happier and more at peace with myself as well as my surroundings. My children get delighted when I come home in the evening. And all of this became possible after I took on this healthy habit of running. Try it! Start today for a better living.

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