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9 Best Antivirus Apps For Android In 2020

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It is essential to have a reliable antivirus app installed on your Android smartphone or tablet. It makes so much sense, considering Android is undoubtedly the most popular OS in the world, something that makes it a likely target for malefactors.

Be it online shopping, mobile banking or paying utility bills; you do a significant portion of your daily work on your phone. A malware attack can be severe, as it can cripple regular activities and leak sensitive information in the public domain. That’s precisely why you must have comprehensive antivirus coverage for your Android phone.

In this article, we have stated some of the best antivirus apps for Android in 2020. Besides running automatic health checks, these Android antivirus apps actively prevent malicious files and web pages from loading and opening. Read on to know more:

Best Antivirus Apps For Android

 Bitdefender Mobile Security

  • Maximum Android devices covered: 1
  • Top features: Privacy advisor, anti-theft
  • Paid (14 day-free trials)
  • Pros: Top-notch antivirus protection, excellent anti-theft properties, easily connects with smartwatch
  • Cons: Active internet connection needed for cloud-based scanning
  • Google Play Store rating:6

Mobile Security from Bitdefender offers real-time antivirus coverage for Google Chrome + a feature that is capable of providing intelligent security actions’ recommendations depending on your typical pattern of usage and the system.

Besides, the novel privacy advisor feature provides an extra sheath of protection for your smartwatch via the WearOn technology. This feature sends auto-alerts should you leave your device behind. Another useful add-on is the bundled VPN, but its use is limited to 200mb daily.

Moreover, its anti-theft capabilities let you locate and lock the device remotely or send an alert to the tablet or smartphone.

Norton Mobile Security

  • Maximum Android devices covered: 3
  • Top features: Anti-theft, app advisor, call-blocking
  • Paid
  • Pros: App checker, excellent anti-theft features, spam call-blocking facility
  • Cons: Expensive full version
  • Google Play Store rating: 7

One of the best antivirus apps for Android devices, Norton Mobile Security offers a host of features like the App Advisor that checks applications for potential privacy risks, or other unwanted elements like something being severely taxing on the battery.

Besides, other facilities include call-blocking to keep off spam calls, anti-theft features to lock a stolen/misplaced device remotely, and automatic alerts issued on connecting to an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

AVG AntiVirus Free

  • Maximum Android devices covered: Unlimited
  • Top features: Anti-theft
  • Free
  • Pros: Impressive anti-theft features, quality protection for free, a trial period of 14 days for Pro features
  • Cons: Shows advertisements
  • Google Play Store rating: 7

Yet another first-rate antivirus app for Android, AVG AntiVirus Free offers comprehensive security, free of cost. The Pro version is paid and packs a raft of features, including anti-theft capabilities, app lock, a Photo Vault that secures your photos, a Wi-Fi security scanner, and other add-ons like the call-blocking facility.

These aside, the antivirus app offers performance-boosting measures that seek to stop unrequired processes, turn off settings that are a drain on the battery, and delete junk files like the ones commonly found in cache and temp folders.

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Avast Mobile Security

  • Maximum Android devices covered: Unlimited
  • Top features: Anti-theft, junk cleaner, Wi-Fi security
  • Free
  • Pros: Quality antivirus coverage for free, performance-enhancing measures
  • Cons: Shows advertisements
  • Google Play Store rating:7

When it comes to the best antivirus for Android, you cannot miss Avast Mobile Security. Standout features include anti-theft capabilities that let you track down and lock your Android device remotely or wipe all the data if need be. Besides, the junk cleaning feature helps to boost performance by freeing up storage space while ‘RAM boost’ seeks to increase the speed of your device.

The app is now free, its operations albeit interrupted by adverts. However, you can pay a small premium to kill the advertisements should they annoy you. Another utility feature is ‘in-app locking’ that prompts you to provide a PIN to open specific apps, thereby preventing malware from abruptly opening apps like internet banking.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

  • Maximum Android devices covered: Unlimited
  • Top features: Anti-theft, Android Wear
  • Free
  • Pros: Comprehensive protection for free, top-notch anti-theft features
  • Cons: Anti-phishing available in the premium version only
  • Google Play Store rating: 8

In addition to heavy-duty antivirus security, you can also get your hands on other useful features, including anti-theft capabilities that let you locate and lock your Android device remotely. Also, you can wipe off all data from it, take a picture of the individual who may have stolen the device, and set off an alarm remotely, something that can be handy if you’ve lost or misplaced the device.

Another feature that impresses is the Android Wear support that boosts security. Importantly, you get all these plus formidable malware defence for free. There is a premium version as well, one that reserves a few extra features.

McAfee Mobile Security

  • Maximum Android devices covered: Unlimited
  • Top features: Privacy checker, anti-theft
  • Free
  • Pros: All-around protection at no cost, a slew of performance-enhancing features
  • Cons: Expensive full version, free version shows adverts
  • Google Play Store rating: 5

 Despite it being free, McAfee Mobile Security is undoubtedly one of the best antivirus apps for Android. Besides the antivirus scanner, the app packs special features, including anti-theft capabilities and a privacy checker facility that scans apps for leakage of sensitive information and locks them if necessary.

This app can also determine if you have connected to a secured Wi-Fi network and help the device operate faster (and better), thanks to a storage cleaner, and a battery and memory-booster.

Note that the premium version offers add-on features like Safe Web protection that is a must when you are surfing the web.

Trend Micro Mobile Security and Antivirus

  • Maximum Android devices covered: 1
  • Top features: Social network privacy, parental controls, Pay Guard
  • Paid
  • Pros: Pay Guard shopping and banking protection, excellent defence from malware
  • Cons: Expensive
  • Google Play Store rating: 7

 This antivirus app for Android not only scans for malware before downloading any app but also keeps newly-installed apps from accessing third-party applications. This feature is particularly useful in case of admins.

The built-in Facebook privacy scanner alerts you if your privacy settings aren’t optimal and bleeding sensitive information. Also, the antivirus app packs other useful facilities, including web protection, a Wi-Fi scanner that ensures you connect only to a secured Wi-Fi network, anti-theft features, parental controls, and the innovative Pay Guard that makes sure all your banking and shopping-related transactions are carried out securely.

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

  • Maximum Android devices covered: Unlimited
  • Top features: Anti-theft, QR Code Scanner, the authenticator
  • Free
  • Pros: Impressive antivirus security for free, no advertisements
  • Cons: Untested by independent labs, not the most user-friendly
  • Google Play Store rating: 4
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 The best part of Sophos Intercept X is no adverts, despite the app being completely free. However, there is a question mark hanging over its malware protection chops, considering the app hasn’t been tested by independent authorities this year. That being said, kudos for the full marks obtained throughout tests conducted in 2019.

Sophos Intercept X checks apps for harmful malware while they’re being installed, and warns you should the apps bleed private details. Also, you can use the antivirus scanner to scan folders and files periodically.

Another impressive feature is its QR Code Scanner that runs a safety check on any target URL, thereby ensuring safety. The antivirus app also leverages an authenticator that carries out a multi-level authentication for any application that may support Google Authenticator. In essence, it acts as the central hub.

Avira Antivirus Security

  • Maximum Android devices covered: Unlimited
  • Top features: Identity Safeguard, anti-theft features, Permissions Manager
  • Free
  • Pros: Wide range of features, Identity Safeguard
  • Cons: Web protection feature available only in the paid version
  • Google Play Store rating: 6

When it comes to its antivirus engine, Avira Antivirus Security gets a clean pass from multiple testing labs. While the free version does have a few adverts, you will be delighted with the facilities, including the Permissions Manager feature that evaluates apps on the privacy meter so that you know if you can trust them with sensitive information.

Next up, is the robust Identity Safeguard feature that periodically checks whether your email ID has been leaked, and informs you if it is. You also benefit from a host of anti-theft features that trigger an emergency alarm and help you locate and lock, or wipe off all data from your Android device (if it has been stolen).

The in-app lock guards sensitive applications by prompting you to provide a PIN if you want to start them. Another useful addition is the bundled VPN; although it offers daily data up to 100mb. The paid version takes out all the adverts, blocks malicious websites, and provides hourly updates.

Which is the best antivirus for Android?

Some of the best antivirus apps for Android have been stated in this article. Please refer to them and get a reliable antivirus for maximum protection from malware and other malicious activities.

Do I need antivirus for Android?

Of course, you do. In this world that is getting increasingly connected, it has now become mandatory to obtain antivirus security for your device, irrespective of Android or not. Whether you opt for a free version or paid protection, you get formidable virus defense that even updates automatically.

How do I remove a virus from my phone?

A virus attack on your phone can leak sensitive information and render you vulnerable to hackers with malefic intentions. To prevent this, you must choose from among the best antivirus apps for Android that we have mentioned in this article.

How to download antivirus?

The procedure will vary, depending on the antivirus you choose. Make sure you download the software directly from the company website. Third-party sites are fine as well, as long as they are reliable. Read reviews and download any of the products that we’ve put together in this post.

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