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Owning a car is still a status symbol for many of us in urban India. That said and done, the love of the upgraded status soon fades away and all we are left with is a series of complaints about the car we were in love with just a few weeks ago. Here is the angle on this – just like an apartment has to be turned into a house, a car has to be turned into your car.

You should focus on things that matter to you and are needed in your lifestyle and see how you can integrate them in your car. Be it speakers with extra bass, or a bobble-head doll on the front panel in the car – it’s your choice. Just make sure that you are putting everything in the car to transform it from an industrial product to a piece of your lifestyle. Here are a few latest car accessories that will enhance your experience in the car, without burning a hole in your pocket.

List of Best Car Accessories:

1. Reverse Parking Sensors

While staying safe on the road has a lot to do with common sense and defensive driving, there is only so much a person can do. Car reverse sensors are not only an essential accessory for your car which alerts you of any person, object or obstacle behind your, but are also under one’s budget. You can buy these sensors for just 699 bucks.

2. Car Emergency Kit

A car emergency kit is something that every person should have in their cars to help them in times of need. It helps you in reaching your destination safely in case you get stranded in the middle of nowhere which could not only be dangerous but scary as well! A car tool kit costs about Rs 449.

3. Air Freshener

For someone to sit in your car, only to be greeted with foul smell is something that you wouldn’t want. It wouldn’t be a great first impression now, would it? Invest in a nice car freshener to ensure you feel nice when you take your car for a spin. You can easily buy these car perfumes starting from just Rs 169 rupees.

4. Magnetic Sun Shades

Sun shades not only keep your car cool but also help in keeping your privacy intact. These shades can also be customized to suit individual cars. Also, the cops take a lenient view of such sun shades as they’re technically not stuck to the window’s glass. A set of six costs around Rs 1,139.

5. Mobile Holders

A car phone holder allows you to follow GPS instructions, listen to music and even attend a call, without getting into the hassle of holding your phone while driving. They are one of the most effective car accessories that you can invest in. You can get them for a decent price of Rs 320 per holder.


Don’t stress yourself while buying your car accessories. Buy only those accessories that you and your car actually need. This will automatically ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth!


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