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5 Youtube Channels To Follow For Your Fitness Regime

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Brijesh’s body glistened in the morning sun as he ran his last lap along Juhu beach. Although it was September, the humidity seemed to be at an all time high. As Brijesh paused to check his stopwatch, he felt a sense of elation. His fitness journey that started about 9 months ago, had taken him from a lethargic, overweight binge eater to a healthy, energetic avatar of himself that his friends and colleagues could hardly recognize.

This was no small achievement for the 39 year stock broker who was spending more time glued to his computer monitor than the average finance professional. Brijesh’s turning point came when a routine visit to the doctor stunned him completely.

The doctor had warned that unless Brijesh mended his ways, his complaints of occasional breathlessness could aggravate further. He even advised that Brijesh undergo bariatric surgery as a precautionary measure.

Brijesh was terrified at the prospect of going under the knife. His wife, Suman counseled him to enroll at the gym nearest to their home in Vaishali, a town in Bihar. Brijesh’s first day at the gym was nightmarish. He found himself hard pressed to spend more than 5 minutes on the treadmill. His trainer seemed more like a drill sergeant who took pleasure in his misery. The next morning, Brijesh was so sore he could barely get out of bed!

Brijesh’s wife Suman, a school teacher, recommended that he try running at a brisk pace. The gym trainer could be dispensed with entirely, she told Brijesh, who looked at her befuddled. She explained that instructional videos on YouTube could be his virtual training coach. All he needed to do was find the right ones that gave him the right advice and support for his needs.

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Here are Best Fitness Youtube Channels

Brijesh seemed unsure at first. He had been a track and field champion in college, however, since then his liking for the sport had been replaced by pivot tables and long hours in office cubicles. He decided to give it a shot at the insistence of his wife. His Google search for best YouTube fitness channels yielded results in 0.67 seconds, however, he knew that he had a long road ahead of him.

He stumbled upon Adidas Running, a YouTube channel that changed his perspective about running.  He was ready to take it once again with full enthusiasm. With over 50,000 subscribers, the channel features content that goes into the biomechanics of running. It also gives users inputs on the best running accessories such as trackers, apps and of course, the best shoes.

For beginners, the channel had useful information regarding warm-up routines, nutrition, recovery and of course, hydration. Adidas Running invited leading athletes and coaches to share their experiences with its audience, from time to time. Brijesh found the information shared practical and easy to apply.

Eventually, he also discovered four other channels that he ended up subscribing to. They were C Tolle Run, hosted by former Olympic sprinter, Carrie Tollefson. This channel covered the running as a complete lifestyle. VO2MAX Productions YouTube channel was another favourite, Sage Canaday, shares professional tips and advice with her video blogs. Brijesh benefitted immensely from this channel, thanks to Sage’s inimitable style and affable personality.

Brijesh realized that running endurance depended on cardiovascular efficiency and proper breathing technique. This played a key part in improving performance, he learned. Runner’s World and the Running Experience were other channels that Brijesh would rate among his Top 5. They had helped him change his diet, lifestyle and indeed his waistline. Today, Brijesh is happy that he took his wife’s advice. It had changed his life for the better.

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