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What are some of the best headphones at affordable rates?

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Your smartphone will, in all probability, pack a pair of earphones. However, should you want your music quality to be top-notch; you will need something extra, something better. That is precisely why we have compiled our list of some of the best headphones and earphones that guarantee quality and affordability.

While some pump up the bass, some thrive on the right audio balance. Importantly, some pack a raft of in-product controls and the essential call-answering feature. So without any further ado, let’s get started:

Best Headphones At Affordable Rates

Panasonic RP – HXD3W 

  • Price: Rs.1999
  • Special features: In-line remote | Microphone
  • Available in: Purple | Red | Taupe (all with silver accents)
  • Zero distortion, even at top-volumes

While you can argue that the Panasonic RP – HXD3W slightly pumps up the highs and mid’s (the sound could also be a little sharper as compared to what you may prefer), you have to give it up for the bass response and clear audio. The microphone is certainly an upshot to this headset, with its sophisticated and smart look adding to its appeal.

Xiaomi MI Super Bass Headphones (Wireless) 

  • Price: Rs.1799
  • Available in: Black and gold | Black and red
  • Input parameters: 5V – 1A
  • Battery playtime: Up to 20 hours of continuous music

Xiaomi has forayed into the market yet again, this time with the MI Super Bass Wireless that is priced rather modestly. While made of plastic, the accessory radiates luxury, thanks to the gold accents surrounding the ear cup rims and headband. The feature that stands out, however, is its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that serves to reduce lags.

With a playback time of up to 20 hours, you don’t have to break a sweat over when the power should give up on you. Also, the audio is well-balanced, particularly the lows that are distinct.

RHA – MA390 Universal 

  • Price: Rs.1999
  • Available in: Silver
  • Special features: Android and iOS phone control | Noise isolation | Tangle-free chord | Microphone

Available at a very affordable price point, these earbuds sport a snazzy all-aluminium look and pack a raft of features sure to gratify your auditory faculties. If you are on a shoestring budget but don’t want your listening accessory to reflect that, RHA-MA390 Universal should certainly feature in your list. What’s more? You also get a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, something that is undoubtedly a steal at this price.

Don’t let its minimalistic design trick you – the rounded bass is tailored to offer a complete sound profile, no matter the genre of music you like.

Inspiring build, affordability, and a comprehensive warranty period – isn’t that what you were looking for?


  • Price: Rs.1999
  • Available in: Greyish white
  • Special features: Wired Extra Bass Headphones; Tangle Free Wire

If you care about the bass, the MDR – XB55AP Extra Bass earphones from SONY is an absolute must-have. Besides the signature well-rounded music profile, it is the angular design that allows natural noise isolation, thereby promoting an immersive audio experience even when you are on the go.

Also, these wired wonders pack tangle-free cables, something that provides value at a budget.

Noise Tune ELITE 

  • Price: Rs.1349
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Rating: IPX5
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters
  • Special features: Universal compatibility | Voice Assistant support | Full remote control

These wireless Bluetooth-enabled earphones pack magnetic earbuds and a comfortable neckband. Besides being extremely secure, these in-ear listening wonders are IPX5-certified, implying verified water-resistant properties. While you will enjoy these should you be a lover of bass, you will not be disappointed with the high’s and mid’s as well.

The reported playback time of up to 10 hours is a bonus on this attractive product that is a great buy in the sub-Rs.2000 market.

1MORE Piston Fit 

  • Price: Rs.999
  • Balanced sonic signature
  • Detailed mid’s | Satisfying bass
  • Available in: Space grey | Silver | Rose gold

Look no further; 1MORE Piston Fit is quality and affordability rolled into one. The earbuds come across a range of sizes and a 45-degree angular design so that you can find a snug fit, thereby allowing noise isolation and an immersive listening experience at the same time.

The overall sound profile is warm; with the bass notes hit exceptionally well for a pair of budget earphones.

You need not worry about the fit – it is as snug as snug can be. All in all, this is undoubtedly an excellent purchase in the sub-Rs.2000 space.

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