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What happens when you take that eleventh-hour flight to an overseas destination? Did you say astronomical ticket prices? Yes, indeed (and how unfortunate). But think about what would’ve happened had you booked the trip six months in advance. Exactly, you would’ve landed yourself a great deal!

Interestingly, the same principle applies to appliances as well. A little bit of legwork (read a quick online search) in advance, and you can bag a good deal vis-à-vis what you would should you let the need snowball into an urgency. Even Benjamin Franklin believed that. “Necessity never made a good bargain,” Ben had said.

Just like there is a good time of the year to visit Hawaii there is also that best time to buy appliances. That’s because large electronic appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, stoves, and air conditioners can become handsome money-saving deals if purchased at specific points in time.

So when is the right time to buy a large appliance? Also, what should you do if you need one urgently?
Read on to know more:

When to buy a new appliance?

In all probability, you’d want to wear out the electronic appliance completely before thinking of a new one. While this ensures that you get good bang for your buck, the downside is that you cannot effectively plan a new, cost-effective purchase, mainly when prices are at rock bottom.

Most manufacturers will expressly state the estimated lifespan of the appliance. Keep track of it to assess when you should ideally look for a new one; this way, you’d be able to make the best use of the existing appliance and get good value for your money on the new one. Also, see if the appliance is consuming too much energy – the electricity bill should reflect that.

The idea is to plan a purchase before the current appliance starts to hobble on its last legs. That way, you can save on utility bills. For instance, smart dryers in the market today have sensors that can precisely detect if your clothes have dried. You can turn off the dryer and save on electricity that you might’ve otherwise expended.

The Best Time To Buy A New Appliance

September, October

It is during this time that most manufacturers usually introduce their latest models. You could get your hands on a hefty discount considering old models are cleared out to make room for the new variants.


The only exception is the roll-out time for new refrigerators. Most manufacturers generally unveil the latest models during the summer months. Therefore, chances are you’d get a good deal on an older variant, particularly around the spring season.


Some stores choose to hold on to the older models until the new year kicks in. However, when it does, chances are that any new purchase would be a steal. But the number of options might significantly reduce.

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Holiday weekends

Many retailers put their items up for grabs over an extended holiday weekend. It could well be the best time to buy appliances.

NOTE: Just because your favorite retailer has flagged its sale season doesn’t mean you can get the best price. The idea is to shop around and compare till you really sniff out value.


The twilight days of a month are certainly your best bet to eke out handsome savings; that’s because multiple appliances are sold basis quotas or commission. That being said, negotiate your way out every time irrespective of whether it’s the end of the month or not.

Any weekday

Furniture and appliance retailers usually deal with a massive footfall over the weekend. Not only do you not get space to park your vehicle but also little attention from the salesperson, considering he/she has to wade through a horde of customers. What good is it then? Instead, avoid the weekend madness, and head over to the nearest store on any of the weekdays.

If that means adjusting your work schedule a little, so be it. Trust us to get a better deal (and more attention).

Anytime (if you’re purchasing online)

Not only is it convenient to buy online, but economical as well. You have discounted rates throughout the year, and also other value-added offers sprinkled like the proverbial ‘cherry on top’. But don’t forget to factor in the shipping fees.

What if I need an appliance now?

It may not always be possible for you to time a new purchase. For instance, consider you are moving to a new house. How do you time your purchase then? What do you do if an appliance breaks? Do you shell out money on repairs or buy a new one immediately (despite rock bottom prices being days away)?

For scenarios like these, consider any of the following alternatives:

Buy with information from classified adverts

These have a separate section devoted to items up for sale, and chances are you’d get multiple alternatives to choose from. Also, you can get your hands on paired items (washer and dryer, for instance) at half the price than what you would’ve got at a store.

Purchase from a store for refurbished appliances

Many stores overhaul old home appliances and refurbish them. For instance, should you want to buy a new refrigerator, you can head to any of these stores. Besides buying a refurbished refrigerator at a hefty discount, you can also get the old one repaired.

While the appliance that you buy from a refurbishing center will not be brand new, you can still get one in a working condition. More importantly, you’d get an excellent bargain.

Buy appliances with minor scratches on them

While shopping, ask the salespeople about the in-store section where you get merchandise with minor scratches and dents on them. Most retailers will have such appliances (that may have cosmetic indentations or scrapes) that you can take off the shelves at rather steep discounts.

What is a good time to buy air conditioning units?

The best time to buy a new air conditioner is undoubted during the winter months – from October/November to February. That’s because the demand for these appliances goes up during summer (and with it, the price).

Also, it is advisable to service any AC during this time as well, considering both the time and servicing costs are likely to spike during summer.

Is there a good time to buy a television?

Timing is critical if you want to buy a television that offers the best of features at an affordable price. New models generally hit the shelves around March and April. When that happens, you can expect the previous models to be discounted.

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Remember to head to the store in person. While it is always advisable to search online, there is value in seeing a brand new TV put up on display at the store. Also, scour social media, for you can come across sales-related notifications there.

How about buying a laptop?

Keep track of the big sale days that most e-commerce portals announce. Usually, the best offers are rolled out around Diwali, Holi, or any other grand festival.

In conclusion

There’s going to be much more value in store for you if you know the best time to buy appliances. Besides bagging an excellent deal, you can also get the best ancillary features on the new models. Remember that should you want to pile on the savings on a large appliance purchase, you will have to maintain it properly.

When are Appliances Cheapest?

Buying large appliances costs a lot of money and therefore it is wiser to wait for the right time to get the best bargain on the products. The best time to buy appliances is usually the autumn season as most brands launch their new products in these months and put a good discount on their current stock. Also, you may get a fairly low price for the products in the last days of the month as stores are desperate to achieve their sales target.

When do New Appliance Models Come Out?

All the major brands generally drop their new products during the months of September and October. At this time, the stores are trying to clear up their current stock to fill in the store with the latest models of the products. Therefore, it may be considered as the best time to buy appliances as one may avail of a great discount and negotiate the price for the previously launched models at this time of the year.

When do Kitchen Appliances Go on Sale?

Looking for the best time to buy appliances for your kitchen within the year? Don’t rush and await some of the biggest festive seasons of India. During the time of Diwali, Dussehra, and New Year, all the major brands give a special discount on all the kitchen appliances. You can save a hefty amount of money by purchasing the similar models, at that time of the year.

When do Small Appliances Go on Sale?

The best time of the year to shop for the small appliances is the months of November, December, and January. During this time of the year, most retailers reduce the cost price of the products by a significantly large margin. This is done in order to clear out the excess inventory left out in the store and people are always eager to buy something new during the last and first month of the year.

How to Get the Best Deal on Appliances?

Apart from knowing about the best time to buy appliances you must also know how to play the right cards to get the best deal. The simplest way to get the best deal on kitchen appliances is by availing the sell or exchange offer. Also, you can negotiate extra service like delivery and installment of the item with the purchase of the products.The sweetest deal that you can get is by buying the dummy version of the product at a 30-40% discounted price.

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