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Best Travel Tips to Keep Your Covid19 Fears at Bay!

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Travelling in the pandemic? You will have doubts and questions before you book a ticket, or refuel your car. Like everything else, travelling from one state to another will be a whole lot different with new rules and guidelines.

While the travel authorities across India are ensuring safe travel, abiding by the new rules and personal safety guidelines is your responsibility. By looking after your health, you’re looking out for co-passengers.

So, how will travel look like in a post-Covid world?

Let us guide you through some fruitful precautions and the best guidelines for making your travel itinerary infection-free. Without cutting down on the fun, these tips will help you adapt to the New Normal.

Travel Kit

Air Travel – Rules, Precautions, Guideline

On 25th May, the domestic air travel finally resumed in the country, and with it came a slew of safety precautions. If you’re boarding a flight anytime soon, you would not want to miss out on them. As the situation relaxes, the restrictions on Air travel are expected to be relaxed.  

Air Travel Rules – What has changed?

Mandatory Personal Protection Equipment             

Personal Protection Equipment such as Face Masks, Face Shields, Sanitizers etc, will be made an irrevocable part of your travel kit. It’s safe to assume that no airline or charter will take you on-board without the PPE gear on.

Almost all states have made it a safety regulation to wear the safety PPE while airborne. Hence, you should get one handy before you enter the airport.

Mandatory Web Check-in

Web Check-in has been introduced as a compulsory step that must be done 48 hours in advance to boarding the flight. It’s a small questionnaire that must be filled up by the passenger in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Air India Web Check-in will explain as to what all you need to do while doing it. Each Airline has its own Web Check-in facility that you’ll be able to find on the airline’s website.

Revised Ticketing Policies

The airfare ticketing is being subjected to the changes in policies being introduced by the local government. In September, the Centre announced a provision for a full refund for the tickets booked before the onset of lockdown.

But later on, as per the new policies, there’s no clarity on cancellations or rescheduling of tickets. International airlines may offer vouchers for cancelled tickets that would be valid for up to 2 years. It’d be best to check the policies beforehand.

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Air Travel – Precautions

While on the airport, or otherwise, it’s recommendable to follow the precautions mentioned below.

Wear Masks:

You should wear a mask at all times at the airport. A travel inspector may ask you to remove the mask for identification purposes.

Boarding Passes:

Place the boarding pass directly on the scanner while entering the aeroplane. Hold it up in case an officer asks you to do so.

Carry Sanitizers:

Hand Sanitizers weighing up to 350 ml are allowed to be carried in pockets or personal bags.

Scan Food Items:

Food items must be stored in a plastic seal bag and need to be scanned alongside the main bag.

Plastic Bags for Personal Items:

Put all of your items in the bin contained in a plastic bag, to avoid contamination.

Air Travel – Guidelines

Air travel guidelines vary in nature from state to state, but essentially, the following guidelines will apply to most states in India concerning Air Travel.

  • Remember that COVID-19 tests shall be performed on a random basis for all the travellers. You can be asked for a test at any time.
  • All the travellers will have to go through a Thermal screening.
  • In case the passenger is found positive for Covid-19 on arrival, they’ll be moved to an isolation centre. In case the person is asymptomatic, they’ll be sent for home quarantine. Business or corporate travellers can be exempt from the home quarantine.
  • A Health Declaration form will need to be signed upon arrival.
  • All passengers must download the Aarogya Setu App.

Rail Travel – Rule, Precautions, Guidelines

Travel by rail is one of the most popular forms of interstate transport in India. Each day millions of people take trains that are often crowded. Hence, following the revised policies for Rail travel is an utmost necessity.

Rail Travel Rules – What has changed?

E-ticket Confirmation

It will now be necessary to have an e-ticket confirmation to enter the railway station. The same rule applies to the passengers who have a driver accompanying them.

Mandatory Screening

It will be compulsory for all the passengers to go through screening before entering the train. Only asymptomatic passengers will get entry into the train.

Protective Measures

PPE kits including masks, face shields and hand sanitizers will be necessary to be used at all times at the Railway station. Proper social distancing forms have to be followed.

Rail Travel – Precautions

train travel

  • Avoid Crowding at Platforms: Stand at a distance while waiting for the train at the platform.
  • Empty Seats in the Train: Due to social distancing norms, there will be empty seats in the train that shouldn’t be occupied.
  • Stick to your Luggage: Try not touching or picking fellow passengers’ luggage.
  • Don’t move too much from the seats: Stay grounded on your seat and keep you in-train activity as minimum as possible.
  • Sanitize after leaving the train: Make sure to sanitize your hands after leaving the train.
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Rail Travel – Guidelines

  • The passengers are advised to carry their linens and towels as the same wouldn’t be provided in the train.
  • Platform vendors, booths or stalls won’t be allowed to serve any kind of food supplies. The passengers are advised to carry their food supplies.
  • The maximum reservation period will be 7 days.
    • The special trains such as Rajdhani Express won’t allow onboard booking or RAC/waiting list bookings.
    • If the passengers cancel 24 hours before the departure time, a 50% refund will be available for the same.

Own Travel – Rule, Precautions, Guideline

If you need to get around the town or visit another city using your commute vehicle, it’s better to travel with full preparation. Considering road safety guidelines and changing environments, here’s what you can do to ensure safety.

car travel

Own Travel Rules – What has changed?

The road safety rules have transitioned from strict restrictions in the past few months to a more relaxed form of transport as of October. Most states have their own rules when it comes to personal or interstate road travel. The essence of current rules can be caught in the following points.

  • An E-pass may be required if you’re travelling interstate. Some states still have the E-pass restriction, while most others have removed it.
  • 4 passengers are allowed in a Sedan car that comes with a capacity of 5 people.
  • An impromptu lockdown can be imposed by the states and UTs if required without prior notice.
  • While it’s not compulsory, passengers are encouraged to wear face masks while driving their vehicles.
  • Proper social distancing norms must be followed while parking vehicles.
  • Toll tax stations may require a thermal scan of the driver and the passengers.

Own Travel – Precautions

To protect yourself from catching the infection, there are some precautions that you can take while travelling on your own.

  • Disinfect your vehicle once before starting your trip and keep surface disinfectants at your disposal.
  • Try maintaining distance at gas stations, parking lots and other places where you need to make a stop.
  • Use PPE kits and always keep handy in your vehicle.


CDC has warranted that travelling increases the chance of getting infected with the virus. But as the times change and the world opens up again to the idea of travel, it must be done with all the precautions and guidelines in mind.

After all, you would want to step out with full confidence and not half-guess every spot you visit. Wearing a mask in your travel Vlog may come with a pinch of salt but it’ll help you end up at the right place.

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