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I learned driving while I was in college and since then I was eagerly waiting to buy my first car. After completing the one-year probation period in my new job I received a bonus from my company and I also had sufficient savings. I decided it was the right time for me to buy a car. With a limited budget, I was firm on buying a second-hand car. My elder brother’s friend Neel was a car expert and a serial buyer. He owned a car spare part shop and followed all the latest trends in the automobile sector.

I called him for help and we met on the same day. Neel told me that if I can get a good deal on the car it will be one of the cleverest financial decisions that I could make. It works because a car loses its value the moment it is delivered from the showroom. The problem is that second-hand cars are difficult to evaluate. Organized resellers have become smart and ensure that car repair is perfect. They also pay close attention to details like car paint which gives it an eye-catchy appearance.

He recommended four best-used cars brand that dominates the pre-owned car market because of its brand popularity and product features.

List of Best-Used Cars Brand

Maruti Suzuki:

Maruti Suzuki should be the first preference as a brand if the cost is the highest or the only priority. It holds one of the largest market shares in entry-level car segments in India and if one intends to purchase a used car there are high chances of getting a good deal. They also hold the reputation of releasing some of the best fuel-efficient cars in India which will also be a positive factor.

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Hyundai should be an ideal choice if you intend to choose from a wide range of cars. You get an option to choose car segments ranging from i10 to Verna which are also the company’s most splendid models in the mid-price segment.


Honda entered the sedan market with Honda City and Honda Civic. Their quality is impeccable and you can get a second-hand model with a very good deal. If you intend to buy a second-hand sedan car model, Honda can be an extremely good choice.


Just like Hyundai, Toyota offers a wide range of cars to choose from. It has manufactured some of the best-quality cars in India. Models like Innova can be an ideal choice if you plan to use the car for a longer period.

Here’s every reason why these brands are great for used car buyers.

These cars dominate the second-hand car market because they are affordable than most of their competitors. It is also not difficult to find original spare parts for these cars. These brands have a wider dealer network which helps you in service and maintenance of your car later on. If you have maintained the car and intend to sell it in the future then in most cases you will end up getting a good resale value.

Buy the car only from an authorized dealer.

From my experience, I recommend you to buy a car only from certified second-hand car sellers. Several established brands sell certified used cars. These cars might be a little expensive compared to the uncertified counterparts in the market but it comes with an assurance that the car is genuinely in good condition. You can also hire a pre-purchase specialist who will evaluate your selected car from all aspects.

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In Conclusion

A proper evaluation of the car will help you in determining the right price tag for it. Carefully select the brand that fits your budget and satisfies your requirements. Once you have finalized the car take a test drive, consult a mechanic, and analyze the car from all angles before purchasing it.

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