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Tricks To Get The Best Value For Your Mobile Phone

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As per the latest consumer spending reports, the biggest mobile phone brands in the country have locked horns with each other in a fight for market dominance. These brands release a new phone almost every year or every few months. With changing consumer preferences and the dizzying size of the Indian market, the opportunities are hard to ignore. It is no wonder that international mobile phone brands increasingly choose India as the launch market for their top- of-the-line products.

Unsurprisingly, more and more people are upgrading their phones to keep up with the trends. But, what about the old ones?

Nayan, a 17-year-old teenager, entered his first year of undergraduate college a few weeks ago. He had taken up admission in this particular college because it had this fantastic mobile photography club which had tie-ups with award-winning media houses for internships.

But, there was a barrier in his getting admission to the club: an excellent phone camera. He had his eyes on the latest iPhone, but his dad had refused to buy it for him. It was understandable because his dad had bought him his current phone just two years back. His dad had agreed to contribute towards a certain EMI amount every month, but that wasn’t enough.

Tricks To Get The Best Value of Mobile Phone

Nayan made up his mind to sell his current phone to make up towards the remaining amount. He decided to take the help of his cousin, Ravi, a consultant with a leading software consultancy in the city. Ravi also remained up-to-date about the latest technology happenings. If you needed advice on buying a gadget, Ravi’s opinion was always on the money, his friends would say.

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When Nayan approached Ravi, the latter sat him down and began to explain how he could get the best price for his phone. He told Nayan that attractively packaging the phone was very important because the potential buyers must feel that they are receiving the best deal. Ravi asked Nayan if he was using a phone cover and a screen guard for his current phone. Nayan answered in the affirmative. Ravi’s face glowed! He explained that these two things ensured that the phone was dent-free and crack-free. This was a vital feature that could be mentioned in the features section while selling the phone. It was also increase the value of the phone by offering the phone cover with the phone!

Next came accessories and the box. Ravi said potential customers would prefer a phone with all the necessary accessories so that they wouldn’t have to spend extra. Nayan had the original charger and earphones in working condition, and said he might have the box also. He suggested that Nayan sell it as an entire package. That will make his phone filter up on top when people searched for his brand.

The last stage, Ravi said, was the presentation. He told Nayan that he should clean the phone, the accessories and the box well with a simple cleaning kit. This would help when he put up pictures of the phone. In case there were any dents or scratches on the mobile screen it is better that Nayan didn’t hide them in the pictures. This practice would help when the buyer came to collect the phone and found it in the exact condition as in the photos. This would deter him/her from further negotiating on the price.

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All these tips put Nayan at ease. He felt that he would be able to sell his used phone at a more than reasonable price now, thereby not burning a massive hole in his father’s pocket to buy the new phone.

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