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My Hairstylist Pointed Out Four Mistakes I Should Avoid While Blow-Drying

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As a working woman in a corporate office, looking pleasant and presentable is essential. It adds to my personality and boosts my confidence. Thus, I make it a point to spend a considerable amount of time on grooming. One of the grooming activities that I practice on regular intervals is blow drying my hair. It makes my hair look fluffy, fresh and voluminous.

I always wondered why I was not able to get the same result with blow drying my hair at home in comparison to when I got it done at a salon. I vowed to perfect my ‘blow-drying skills’ because it is not a wise choice to spend Rs. 400-600 every other week just for blow-drying.

One day, I just asked my stylist – what am I doing wrong?

Since I had been a regular customer to his salon and would usually take up a cohort of other services, apart from blow-drying, he told me about the common mistakes I might be making. He said that most of the women he knew make the same blow drying mistakes. Here are the recommendations he gave me:

Avoid These Blow-Drying Mistakes

1. Do Not Follow The Popular Belief

By all means, do not follow the popular belief of blow-drying wet hair. Blow drying your hair when they are wet increases hair fall because wet hair is more sensitive than dry ones. Make sure that you dry your hair by at least 80 percent before you start to blow dry. Also – use a cold setting on your hair blower, instead of the warm one. Hot air can also cause your hair to fall.

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2. Don’t Use Just Any Brush

Don’t use just any brush when blow-drying your hair. Use the brush that complements your hair volume, texture, and length. Using the wrong brush would lead to unwarranted hair fall and hair texture can be damaged as well. There are many different types of hairbrushes available these days and if you aren’t able to identify the right one for yourself, taking the help of your hairstylist or a hair expert is a good idea. Don’t use a cheap brush with rough and edgy spokes that would tangle your hair or damage your scalp.

3. Use Thermo-Protective Serum

I have sensitive hair which reacts easily to heat and thus, on the advice of my hairstylist, I started using a thermo-protective serum. I have noticed a considerable reduction in hair fall since then. Many women don’t realize that their hair might be sensitive to heat and regularly blow-drying will only further the damage. Using thermo-protective serum would ensure that the hair doesn’t react to heat during blow-drying while getting a smooth and silky texture to their locks. There are several brands available in the market and using a reputed brand for thermo-protective serum is advised.

4. The Temperature Must Be Set As Per The Hair’s Volume And Texture

The temperature of the blow dryer must be set as per the volume and texture of your hair. For thicker hair, it is essential that the temperature is set high to get good results. Similarly, for finer hairs, the temperature settings must be kept at low. The imbalance in temperature settings will not get the right results and may end up damaging the strands as well in the long-term. Also, when you are blow-drying your hair, take a break every minute or so as too much heat reaching the scalp can damage the roots of the hair.

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Whenever I go to a salon, I watch closely the technique and momentum of blow-drying practiced by the professional hair-stylists. I try to replicate the same when I blow-dry my hair at home. Over the period, I have noticed the above-mentioned pitfalls that came in my way to getting desired results. Now, I am pretty confident that the way I blow-dry is almost as good as my hairstylist. You can replicate my success with blow-drying perfectly by following the tips here.


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