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Choices for buying mobiles and mobile accessories have left us spoilt in today’s times. The unbranded market of mobile accessories performs as well as the branded one. Similar to the later, the unbranded market exists in online as well as offline stores.

I have had my fair share of pleasant and unpleasant rides on both sides. There have been times where I, very excitedly, bought a pair of headphones or phone covers at incredibly low prices from one of those streetside shops or online marketplaces. I enjoyed their short-lived run for a few months, convincing myself that I had gotten a fantastic deal.

But I have had experiences where I lost more money than the amount I assumed I would have saved too. I’ve learnt my lessons. So a few days back, when my cousin bought a phone online with his first paycheck, I promptly offered to help him purchase mobile accessories for it. I opened an e-commerce website on my laptop and filtered the accessories according to brands and ratings.

My cousin’s face fell when he saw the filtered accessories. When I asked him why, he said that since he had already spent a good chunk of his salary on the phone, he didn’t want to spend more on accessories. He proceeded to tell me how he had heard about some great places where one could buy cheap knock-offs.

I sat my cousin down and smiled. I told him some of the reasons why I swore by branded mobile accessories beginning with their quality and durability. The best-known brands used top quality materials for their products, making them last for a good couple of years if maintained well. The products go through multiple quality checks, I told him, before they were released in the market. Some of the brands even recall faulty products and offer to replace or refund them. All these efforts would not be taken by an unbranded accessories company. My cousin started nodding his head. But he still wasn’t convinced.

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So, I told him about the warranty and return policy of branded mobile accessories. Generally, a six month warranty period is free, which can be extended by a year or two for a small fee. The return and refund policy are also straightforward, in case one is not satisfied with the product or if it doesn’t live up to their expectations.

I asked my cousin about the warranty policy for unbranded products. He said that warranty and return policies for those products don’t even exist! The shopkeepers refuse to accept any responsibility for their products as soon as one steps out of their shops.

I told him that it was simple mathematics. Although branded accessories cost significantly more than unbranded ones, one would end up spending more on buying unbranded accessories as they would need to be replaced more frequently.

I could see his opinion swinging. Lastly, I told him that these products might end up damaging his phone and cause more loss than expected. Sometimes, the material used in them is of such inferior quality that it could damage the hardware and software of his “branded,” “expensive” phone leaving no one to blame but himself. Faulty chargers were known to cause short circuits damaging a phone’s battery permanently.

My cousin quietly got up from his place, selected the branded accessories from the laptop, made the payment, and turned towards me smiling. I could see that he had been convinced for life. He saw why it was more sensible to invest in branded accessories than saving little money.

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