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Last year I bought a pre owned Mahindra Scorpio. Initially, after visiting the showrooms, I gave up on the idea of buying a car. The primary reason being they were expensive and hence did not suit my budget. My cousin Parth advised me to buy a pre-owned car. I knew authorized pre-owned dealers in the city but somehow I did not trust them. The idea of buying a car that has not been maintained or is damaged did not fascinate me.

Parth’s friend Rishab was a junior manager at an authorized pre-owned car sales center. Parth convinced me to meet him and arranged a meeting. Rishab told us there are a lot of negative perceptions regarding second-hand cars, but it is a great option if we are looking to buy a car and are tight on budget. The confusing and tricky part is deciding which one to buy. He explained some important things which should be considered before buying a used car.

Things to consider before buying a used car:

Start with a budget

Deciding the budget is the first thing to do. You must be clear about the maximum money you can spend on a pre-owned car. Only after the budget is decided one can determine which cars to go for. Sorting and filtering process becomes easy after finalizing the budget.

Don’t skip researching

The next thing to do after finalizing a budget is to research and find the cars that fit into your budget. The research can also include reading the reviews of those cars online and even talking to people who own them. It helps you in understanding the technical details of the car and any particular problems in it.

Be clear about your requirements

It is also important that you choose a car based on the requirement. If you do not require an SUV choose a small car, do not insist on the SUV. But, if it is an SUV that is going to fulfill your family’s needs, then you should go for it. Prioritizing your requirements will help you in choosing the best pre-owned car.

Carefully examine the condition of each car you’re shown

Car owners may not reveal any accidents or ongoing court cases before selling their car. Hence, the police verification of your selected car is important. Once that is done, move to the physical condition of the car. The car paint must be thoroughly checked as it can indicate a rough driving history of the car. Approaching a reliable professional to inspect the car thoroughly can help significantly in the pre-purchase inspection.

Any pending car repair should be notified either to the owner or to the authorized seller before purchasing. Tyres of the car should be checked for wear. If new tyres are installed, the wheel alignment should also be checked. You must buy a car only after getting it serviced. If you receive a car without having it serviced, it is indirectly going to increase the cost you will end up bearing for the car.

Take a test drive

The last thing you must do is take a test drive before delivery. Ensure that the test drive is longer so that you can test the wheel alignment, acceleration, brakes, AC, lights, indicators, music system and other features of the car. Emphasize on taking the delivery only after all the documents of the car are ready. All the documents must be transferred according to the legal procedure. Do not accept the car without insurance. If the owner fails to provide it, you must get the car insured yourself.

In Conclusion

I have been using the car for a year now and have not faced any significant problem. I take good care of the car by ensuring that it is serviced regularly. You must not hesitate on buying a second-hand car. Keep the necessary instructions in mind and make a choice wisely. It might take your time and effort, but you can end up buying a good car with a great deal.

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