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Once you have had a great haircut in the salon, you start considering your stylist as the beauty expert in your periphery. There is generally no reason to believe otherwise. But as soon as you start asking her or him for beauty tips, the first recommendation you will get is – Honey, don’t buy the commercial products from the shops out there; always buy professional products from our salon. Ok, maybe your stylist doesn’t call you ‘honey’, but she might have given you the same suggestion at some point in your time spent at the salon.

I always wondered whether it is the best choice for me to buy professional products from a salon. Do you think about the same?

Here is a guide for you that can be followed before buying products from a salon:

Things To Know before buying products from a salon:

Always Get The Right Products

It is easier to buy the wrong products as they are cheap and easily available. Your stylist is your best guide who can suggest what would suit you. He would also ensure that you leave with the finest product. Remember, they know your hair better. They can tell you the reason behind your problems. For instance, whether your split ends are caused due to lack of protein or moisture. You should make sure that the products your stylist choose are compatible with not only your skin and hair but also your daily regime.

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Choose A Trained Stylist

Yes, a well-trained stylist will charge more for her services. But the end result will usually be worth the price if you get what you are looking for. Good stylists have that specialized touch that can coax out glorious waves out of the straightest hair. A good stylist would make suggestions about which products to use based on your needs. A substandard stylist can recommend you expensive products for the sole purpose of making a quick buck. This can sabotage everything that you invested in getting a great look. Stay mindful when you choose your stylist.

Purchase Fresh and Authentic Products

Unscrupulous salons can be the distributors of cheap knock-off products that can damage your hair. Make sure that if you are getting a good deal on authentic products, they haven’t been sitting on the shelf for long and are expired. Some organic products in salons do not have a long shelf life as they lack preservatives. Always check product details before buying.

Eligibility For Frequent Buyer and Loyalty Programs

If you are a regular customer of a salon, check if you are eligible for discounts. Most salons have these schemes to reward the loyalty of their clients.

Research Before Buying Products From Salon

You can find out the review of a product with just one tap on the internet. Read customer’s reviews before buying and following the advice of your stylist blindly.

Salon products if chosen carefully can make you look like a million buck with regular use.

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