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Things to Check Before Buying a Refurbished Mobile Phone

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The term ‘Refurbished phones’ generally refers to unused customer returns , finely repaired old pre-used phones ensuring proper function or  pre-owned handsets resold by the manufacturer which were returned under warranty because of some defects and which has been repaired. The unused customer returned phones may be completely fault-free but may have still been sent back because the customers changed their minds.

They are usually available at a super-fat discount price when compared to their original counterparts. But before you get all excited and buy the refurbished version of your dream phone, here’s a checklist of pointers you should take a look at.

Check Before Buying Refurbished Mobile Phone:

Check the Seller’s Credibility

The most important factor while buying a refurbished phone is the seller. Many sellers in the market sell stolen phones under the guise of refurbished phones. Go for sellers that sell certified pre-owned or refurbished phones. The safest bet would be buying from the manufacturer itself. However, you can also rely on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Ensure Quality

Refurbished phones are categorised in different grades. Grade A certified phones are almost similar in quality with that of the brand new ones. However, lower-grade phones may have more scratches and light dents and even locally replaced parts.

Screen Condition

Full-screen mobile phones are more prone to breakage, especially if the screen is duplicate. Almost all smartphones are equipped with gorilla screen these days. The best way to test this is by pressing the screen hard. If you notice a variation in the colours on the screen, it is locally manufactured.

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Phones manufactured by the likes of Samsung have an inbuilt feature that enables the testing of all sensors in the phone. You can also install an application specifically designed for this purpose like Doctor Plus. Perform a check on the major hardware on the phone such as WiFi, speaker, Bluetooth, camera, accelerometer and the compass.


Refurbished phones sometimes include the charger and the headphones. Check if they are factory-issued and if the connectors match the charging plugs. It’s best if you buy from a reputable seller. They are able to reconfirm the originality and quality of the accessories.

Check Whether It’s Unlocked

Some refurbished phones are locked to certain networks only. And these networks may charge you to unlock such phones. Hence, check this before buying, as it will have a bearing on the resale value.

Check the Warranty

If you are buying from a reputable reseller, then it should come with a warranty. Check this before you finalise the purchase. You can also take the phone to the nearest service centre to check the device’s history.

Check the IMEI Number

Before buying, check whether the IMEI number on the mobile phone matches with the IMEI number on the box. This way you can avoid buying a stolen phone.

In Conclusion

The refurbished phone market is on the roll nowadays. Buying a refurbished phone is lot easier and safer as compared to before. Make sure to choose a reputed seller as they can walk you through the whole process and technicalities associated with buying a refurbished phone and smoothen up your buying experience.

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