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Washing machines are probably the most essential home appliances we have. For people like me, who don’t get much time for household chores, washing machine is a lifesaver. I honestly do not know how I would survive without a washing machine. I’m sure you understand the need of a good washing machine as well.

I made the mistake of buying the washing machine in a haste. You shouldn’t make the same error. The situation that made me buy the washing machine without conducting thorough research, is something we all have been through.  You were most probably struggling with an old machine when you decided to buy a new one. However, speaking from experience, I think it is very important to think of your requirements carefully before deciding to buy one and also it’s not only about just buying washing machine maintenance is also important.

Buying a new washing machine without thinking beforehand, could lead to wrong choices. You might end up with a machine that requires washing machine repair quite frequently. You should know about the following type of washing machines before you buy one:

Types of washing machines

Fully Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

There are quite a few people who use their washing machines only once or twice a week. Why? Because using a washing machine requires a ton of effort and takes up a lot of time. If they are using an older model, they have to put it in the washer and take every cloth out to put it in the dryer. This can be hectic. But this is also the reason why fully automatic machines exist.

Imagine having an automatic car – you will longer worry about how to change the gear and when to change the gear. As you adjust your speed, the gears will be taken care of. The same principle of ease applies to automatic machines. Their key feature is to ease your work by automatic processes that would otherwise require a great amount of effort. If you have an automatic machine, all you have to do is press a button and the machine will take care of the clothes across the washing cycle – from rinsing, washing to drying.

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As you might have guessed by now, automatic machines are technologically advanced and hence are relatively costly than their semi-automatic counterparts. If you don’t believe all the features of an automatic machine are relevant to you, you can opt for a semi-automatic washing machine. Depending on what specific model you buy, with a semi-automatic machine, you will be taking up a few tasks manually. These tasks can include filling up the water in the tub or even putting the clothes in the dryer.

The Top-Loading vs. Front-Loading Debate

Once you have decided whether you want a fully automatic machine or semi-automatic machine, you will have to answer the critical question – would you prefer a top-loading one or a front loading one?

Both these types of machines have different features to offer that goes beyond just the design of the machine. Top loading machines have a lid at the upper side of the machine. Hence, you will be putting the clothes from the top. Usually, these types of machines require less space to fit into. In addition to that, they don’t exert any pressure on your back since you won’t have to bend down to put the clothes from the front side of the machine.

If your sole purpose is to get an affordable machine – the top-loading machine will be a great fit for you. But if you are looking for long-term efficiency in terms of quality washing as well as electricity consumption, you should go for front-loading machines. Front-loading machines usually tend to be fully-automatic and are used by people who want impeccable wash quality at the ease of a button’s press.

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Extra Features

Some machines offer a range of features. But the relevance of these features will depend on your specific needs. For instance, quite a few machines offer a range of RPM control options that help monitor the spin speed in the machine. This allows you to wash different types of clothes with specialized RPM setting for each one. This specific feature ensures that none of your clothes get ruined due to incurred RPM setting.

At the same time, a lot of machines don’t have this setting available altogether. Whether you need the RPM adjusting setting or not will depend on the range of clothes you wash. For instance – if you are living by yourself and don’t have any specific clothes that require special RPM settings, buying such a machine would make no sense. But, if you are living in a household with a whole lot of people wearing different materials, there is a high probability that the RPM adjustment feature will be relevant to you.

Another feature that is available in premium machines these days is temperature control. If you have ever bought a highly sensitive cloth, you must have read the instruction – wash this at Xo Celsius. Machines that have a temperature control setting allow you to take care of such specific materials. As it was for RPM settings, whether you should pay extra for this setting or not will depend on the range of materials you usually put in your machine for a wash.

I know buying a new washing machine can be very confusing, especially with all the variety available. But if you are clear about your needs and requirements, it could make things a lot easier. Make sure you look for a few essential features, followed by space and budget requirements. Since washing machines are such essential equipment of our home, you should conduct thorough research before buying one.

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