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I was driving my car to attend a friend’s wedding in a neighbouring town on a hot summer afternoon. I didn’t know what was wrong with the car AC; it wasn’t cooling my car. I was literally sweating. I turned the AC off and switched it on again. But to no use. Worst case, it started blowing hot air all of a sudden. I was irritated with the situation. I have to keep driving since it was difficult to spot mechanic on the highway. 


Later I realized that my car AC had stopped functioning due to lack of maintenance. And then I had to call a mechanic to get things done.

I know how it feels to face unpleasant occurrences in the middle of the journey with no car garage near you. Here are few points which you can monitor to check your car AC condition:

Car AC Maintenance Tips:

Are you receiving cool air?

This might be the first thing to notice while dealing with the car AC. If you are not receiving cool air, there is something wrong with the machine. In fact, if hot air is coming out then there is definitely something incorrect in the machine.

Later on, when the mechanic replaced the car AC, he told me that due to lack of maintenance the fans inside the car AC had broken down. 


Are you receiving any noise?

If the compressor is dying then you can hear noises from the machine. On the other hand, the use of the wrong lubricant or a cross-contaminated compressor can generate strange noises. However, I didn’t receive any noise during the massacre. Nevertheless, if you ask me, I would say that electrical failure is the most difficult mess to diagnose when it comes to repair of the collapsed air conditioner of your car. Thus, if you hear even the slightest of noises from your car AC, take it to the mechanic. 


Is the refrigerant of car leaking?

This is the most complex of all issues because it is difficult to diagnose and it renders the car AC useless. If the moisture released in the car’s inner parts reaches the car AC, it mixes with the refrigerant. This results in the production of an acidic fluid that essentially destroys the car AC.


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Here are my solutions to keep a safe distance from related troubles

Firstly, you need to inspect the air conditioner compressor belt frequently for damages and cracks. I never did this and thus had to undergo that horrible journey! Secondly, you better be attentive to your AC machine and notify the mechanic if you witness any unusual activities. In fact, it would be great if you empty the refrigerant out of the machine. 

I was not very attentive to my car AC and it resulted in the machine’s failure when I really needed it. Getting a new AC for your car can be an expensive affair and I can attest this from my personal experience. It will always be cheaper to get the car AC serviced when you’re giving the car for servicing. 

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