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I don’t take risks when I am driving. My cars are well oiled and serviced all the time. A few weeks ago I was driving on my way back home from the office and as soon as I hit the accelerator my car started shaking. At first, I thought there might be something stuck in the exhaust of the car. I was startled when it happened again, exactly when I pressed the accelerator with my foot. I stopped my car aside and got off to have a look.

I opened the bonnet and things seemed fine. I circled the car twice and did not find anything. Finally, I called my roadside assistance team. They got there and gave it a thorough look. That was when they discovered – my car had unbalanced wheels. I was so surprised on realizing this that I asked them again. And they confirmed their earlier assertion. This was when I started talking to the roadside assistance team and got myself some good education on the issue.

My experience was very enlightening for me. I hope it helps you as well. Experiencing a car shake when you press the acceleration pedal is a common phenomenon. It can be fixed if taken care of at the right time. Here are three common reasons why you may experience a car shaking when you accelerate.

Reasons for Car Acceleration Problem

Unbalanced Tyres

This was the exact problem I was witnessing. The cause of this problem can be an entire cohort of reasons – wear and tear, going through rough routes or mismanaged repair. It is usually difficult to point out at the specific cause of the problem unless it is very apparent. That said and done – the problem is commonly experienced by car owners where the car makes a humming noise while accelerating. Well, there are easily available solutions for it.

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There is an immediate fix to it – add a little weight to the wheel that is out of balance. While this may help you drive for a few miles, it is not exactly a professionally recommended solution. The roadside assistance team that came to help me did it to help me take my car to their nearest garage. Once we reached there, they unscrewed the wheel and tested it again. Then they removed the temporary weight and reattached all the tires. What the car needed was a proper adjustment of the tires to get everything in balance as it is an essential part of your car. So the car tyre care is very important

Worn-out Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are responsible for the combustion that powers your car. If they are not working altogether, the car loses speed while driving because there will be no power. But even if they are damaged or worn out, it can cause slapdash acceleration the moment you press the pedal. This was one of the key things my roadside assistance team checked.

Spark plugs can get worn out because of excessive usage or aggressive acceleration for a prolonged period. Only an expert can usually locate a problem in the spark plugs and thus it will make more sense to take the car to a mechanic. That said, if this is the cause of your problem, you don’t have to worry a lot because it is fixable.

Bent Axle

This is a more complex problem and will require more attention in comparison to the other two possible issues. Generally, if your car has been through an accident recently there are high chances that it might have got a bent axle. You will be able to experience the car shaking when you accelerate it and in the case of a bent axle, the shaking would be a bit more aggressive. Since the axle is a central part of the acceleration unit in the car, the only way to fix it is by replacing the key parts that are damaged.

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In Conclusion

These are three key reasons why your car might be shaking when you accelerate it. That said and done, this is not an exhaustive list. As soon as you find the problem in acceleration, Google ‘car mechanic near me’ and show your car to a professional. This is one of those instances where a roadside assistance service can help you. By all means, do not ignore the issue and get it fixed as soon as you observe it.


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