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5 Car Accessories That Makes Car Driving Safer

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If you have successfully passed your driving test, you can now drive anywhere around. If you are now thinking of owning a vehicle for yourself, you need to be a safe and diligent driver. Before you start going to places on your car and get behind the driving wheels, you need to have certain essential accessories in your vehicle.

I have also kept all the essentials accessories in my car to make sure I always have a safe ride. After all, prevention is always better than cure. I had to go through some very boring but insightful lectures delivered by my dad, to understand every single accessory I should consider before driving my car. On having conducted my own research, I came up with a more comprehensive list of accessories that take the best of both the worlds – dad wisdom and popular wisdom.

 List of car accessories that are necessary to make your driving safe: 

A portable charger:

While you are traveling to distant places, your phone might get discharged and you might miss important calls. Whenever I travel to places, I always prefer having a portable charger with me. Imagine a situation when you don’t know the route of the place you need to visit and your phone is discharged. Portable chargers help you in overcoming such situations.

Puncture Repair Kit:

It once happened to me that my car broke down in a place where I was not able to find any car mechanic near me. To avoid such situations, always keep a puncture repair kit inside the car. Also, there should be an extra wheel inside the car so that you are not left stranded on the road alone.

First Aid Kit:

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Considering the fact that the rate of accidents these days is increasing rapidly, the chances of you having a crash is also high. If such a situation occurs, the first-aid kit inside your vehicle will help you get some instant relief.

A Waterproof Pouch Taped in the Car:

Here is the thing – if you are an adventurous soul like me, at some point, you will take the car to faraway lands. No matter how responsible you are, there might be times when you forget the important documents you were supposed to carry – your ID proof, driver’s license, PUC and other documents that show it’s your car and you’re eligible to drive it. I made a copy of these documents, kept them in a waterproof pouch and taped them beneath by sit. Obviously, original documents are usually asked for by the authorities, but this can be of great help in the most unlikely times.

A cleaning cloth:

Last but not least. Whenever you are traveling on difficult roads or even in polluted cities, it is quite a possibility that your vehicle will easily get dirty. In my experience of traveling to places many a time the wind shield and mirrors of the vehicle become so dirty that it becomes difficult

As I have said earlier, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Your safety is of utmost importance for you and your family. So get these essential accessories for the vehicle and be a diligent driver. Happy Driving!


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