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15 Affordable Car Accessories That Make Driving Safer

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If you have successfully passed your driving test, you can now drive anywhere around. If you are now thinking of owning a vehicle for yourself, you need to be a safe and diligent driver. Before you start going to places on your car and get behind the driving wheels, you need to have certain essential affordable car accessories.

There could be times when you will face difficulties like a flat tire, discharged phone battery, etc. So, for such situations, it is essential to have some accessories in the car to make sure that you always have a safe drive.

Besides, Car accessories are also considered to be an extension of your personality. One can think of a car as their temporary home while they are traveling because you’re almost dependent on it. For every person, car accessory needs are different, that is why this blog will talk about several types of car accessories that will meet everyone’s needs.

Don’t stress yourself while buying your car accessories. Buy only those accessories that you and your car actually need.

With our comprehensive research, we have come up with car accessories that will ultimately change your car driving experience by making it comfy and hassle-free at an affordable price.

Sounds Interesting, Isn’t it?

Here, we provide you with information on affordable car accessories based on your various needs:

List of Car Accessories that make Driving Safer

Portable Charger

While you are traveling to distant places, your phone might get discharged and you might miss important calls. It is always preferable to have a portable charger with yourself. Imagine a situation when you don’t know the route of the place you need to visit and your phone is discharged. Portable chargers help you in overcoming such situations.

Puncture Repair Kit

Imagine your car breaking down in a place where there are no car mechanics near you. To avoid such situations, always keep a puncture repair kit inside the car. Also, there should be an extra wheel inside the car so that you are not left stranded on the road alone.

First Aid Kit

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Considering the fact that the rate of accidents these days is increasing rapidly, the chances of you having a crash is also high. If such a situation occurs, the first-aid kit inside your vehicle will help you get some instant relief.

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Waterproof Pouch Taped in the Car

Here is the thing – if you are an adventurous soul l, at some point, you will take the car to faraway lands. No matter how responsible you are, there might be times when you forget the important documents you were supposed to carry – your ID proof, driver’s license, PUC, and other documents that show it’s your car and you’re eligible to drive it.

One should make a copy of these documents, keep them in a waterproof pouch, and taped them beneath by sit. Obviously, original documents are usually asked for by the authorities, but this can be of great help in the most unlikely times.

affordable car accessories

Cleaning Cloth

Last but not least. Whenever you are traveling on difficult roads or even in polluted cities, it is quite a possibility that your vehicle will easily get dirty. While traveling to several places, there are times when the windshield and mirrors of the vehicle become so dirty that it becomes difficult to see even at a short distance. Having a cleaning cloth will come in handy when you’re in a troublesome situation.

In my experience of traveling to places many a time the windshield and mirrors of the vehicle become so dirty that it becomes difficult

Reverse Parking Sensors

While staying safe on the road has a lot to do with common sense and defensive driving, there is only so much a person can do. Car reverse sensors are not only an essential accessory for your car which alerts you of any person, object, or obstacle behind you, but are also under one’s budget.

Car Emergency Kit

A car emergency kit is something that every person should have in their cars to help them in times of need. It helps you in reaching your destination safely in case you get stranded in the middle of nowhere which could not only be dangerous but scary as well!

Air Freshener

For someone to sit in your car, only to be greeted with the foul smell is something that you wouldn’t want. It wouldn’t be a great first impression now, would it? Invest in a nice car freshener to ensure you feel nice when you take your car for a spin.

Magnetic Sunshades

Sunshades not only keep your car cool but also help in keeping your privacy intact. These shades can also be customized to suit individual cars. Also, the cops take a lenient view of such sun shades as they’re technically not stuck to the window’s glass.

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Mobile Holders

A car phone holder allows you to follow GPS instructions, listen to music, and even attend a call, without getting into the hassle of holding your phone while driving. They are one of the most effective car accessories that you can invest in.


Essential Car Accessories That Can Save Your Day

Portable Tyre Inflator

Portable tyre inflator is a car accessory that is rarely used but must be in your car always. It can be of great help while you’re stuck in an unknown place. Having a portable tyre inflator in your car’s trunk can solve problems within minutes.

Car Dash Cam

There is a notion that dash cams are mostly used for fun as it captures the entire journey of the driver. But we believe that it ensures a lot of safety. There have been cases when people met with an accident and had a hard time explaining who exactly was at fault to the insurance provider. It is a new trend that is taking over and you can look forward to it.

GPS Tracker

Not each one of us has a perfect direction sense, there are people who struggle a lot with directions. But, Hey! This is the age of smart devices. You should probably think of investing in GPS to have a stress-free driving experience. The tiny, smart, portable GPS tracker will fit perfectly in your car helping you  travel anywhere!

Hand Vacuum

This doesn’t need much explanation. When you’re travelling with your pets and kids, there are bound to be biscuit dusts in your car. In such situations, mini-vacuum could be your saviour.

Car Key Finder

Well, well. Excited? There would have been days where you might spend literally hours getting late for appointments trying to find your car keys. But now you can leave them anywhere because you can get them back in seconds. It efficiently helps you track your key whereabouts and is highly recommended!


As we have said earlier, Car Accessory needs differ from person to person. Someone likes their car to be safer, while others want it to be high-tech and more entertaining. A single car cannot fulfill all these requirements, that is where car accessories come into the picture.

Pick your car accessories wisely to keep you and your family safer without burning a hole in your pocket.

Happy Driving!

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