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4 Car Batteries Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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It feels great to have a car. Great things come with great responsibilities and the same goes for a car. It is essential to maintain the car servicing, car repair, car wax, and car wash schedule so that the car does not face any sudden breakdown.

I have owned a car for more than seven years now and have always tried to avoid common mistakes that people make. These mistakes are related to car servicing schedules, wheel balancing, replacing tyres, and many others. But last year during Christmas I was stuck with a flat car battery. It was surprising for me as I took good care of my car. After replacing the battery and talking with the mechanic I discovered common mistakes that people make with their car batteries.

Car Batteries Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Ignoring the Warning Lights

A warning light usually indicates a charging problem with the car battery. The battery warning light can also mean that the alternator belt is broken or it has failed. Inexperienced drivers usually ignore these warning lights and continue driving without an inspection. In such cases, the car will run fine until one day when you suddenly discover that your car battery is dead.

It is essential to take the warning lights seriously and consult a car mechanic as soon as possible. It will help in identifying and solving the problem.

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Isolating a new car battery

People usually do not ask the mechanic to check the car battery after replacing the old battery with a new one. In many cases, new batteries can also face problems like a loose connection or bracket mounting issues. It is essential to constantly monitor the car battery for any problems. A new battery ensures powerful performance but it also requires maintenance which will enhance its life span.

Consuming the battery while the engine is off

People use latest car accessories like the music system when the car engine is off. In such situations, the music system is powered directly by the car battery. If it is used for a longer period and the car engine is off, it will affect the car battery. If you forget to switch off the fog lights or headlights of your car, it will eventually drain the car battery. You must make sure that car electronics are not used when the ignition is off. It will drastically affect your car battery.

Frequently attempting a jump start and attempting it without knowing the procedure

In case of a weak car battery, a jump start is attempted to start the car. Jump starting your car frequently is a signal that your car battery has problems. People neglect this issue and do not consult a mechanic even if they have to jump-start the car more than once in a short period. Jump-start also affects the alternator of the car. Hence, neglecting this issue will soon result in a flat battery.

It is not easy to jump-start a car. There is a specific procedure to be followed. You can damage the car battery and harm yourself if you fail to use the jumper cables properly. The procedure is a simple one but it is mandatory to learn it before implementing it.

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The average lifespan of a car battery is four to five years. But if you fail to maintain and use the battery in the right manner it will be dead in just a few years. Avoid making these mistakes and keep an eye on your battery. Ask your mechanic to inspect the battery during car repairs or servicing so that you can find and resolve any problems. The battery is an essential part of your car and its performance. A well-maintained battery will enhance your car’s performance.

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