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10 Car Cleaning Tricks: Make your car shine as a New one

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These days, considering the state of traffic, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that on an average, we spend 2 hours a day every day in our car. This is just for our daily commute. The time increases more if we decide to go out nearby or for a road trip. Thus, keeping your car clean and odour free is very important. Moreover, our car depicts our reputation. Thus, it is very important to maintain it as new. Here, we bring you car cleaning tricks that will leave your car looking like a new one.

Here Are Some Car Cleaning Tips And Tricks:

1. Use a vacuum cleaner:

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the nooks and corners is a very good option. This gives a better cleaning than you could achieve otherwise. It helps to remove the dirt, crumbs, and dead insects that find their way into every corner in the car.

2. Wash your car:

Now this is something we all do, but there are smart hacks to make your cleaning much more effective. Use cleaners that are specified for your automotive purposes. This is because traditional cleaners are not adept at cleaning the leather of the seats or the metallic surface of the car. Also, make sure you do not use rough supplies to clean the car. This chips off the paint and creates other problems as well. These techniques are used at professional car wash.

3. Waxing your car:

Your car wax is the car’s defence to the sun. This protects your car from drying out and losing the car paint. This is why it is very essential that your car is waxed properly, especially in the summers. Also, make sure that you are not fooled into buying Polymer wax as it may be cheaper but is not an adequate protection for your car.

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4. Remove the smell:

Having a bad smelling car is very embarrassing and uncomfortable. To remove the odour, you can clean your car inside with a solution made of vinegar and water.

5. Professional car cleaning:

It is very important and helpful to get the car frequently cleaned by professionals. They are seasoned in cleaning the car extensively, and use efficient interior dry cleaning methods, putting into use good quality products.

Thus, keeping some of these car cleaning tricks will go a long way in keeping your car shining as new. Make sure to take care of your car properly and it continues to look as good as new over the years.

6. Polish Your Car

A majority of people think polish and waxing are similar, but mind you these two things are entirely different. Talking about polishing, it is used to remove any kind of scratches on the car and leave it shining like a new one, whereas waxing is used to add more gloss and finish to the car.

While performing DIY’s, people are bound to skip the polishing step as they don’t wish to spend huge money on polishers. Well, you must polish your car for better shining. All you have to do is take some polisher on the pad and wipe it off on the car. Ensure to spread the polisher slowly to get the best shine on your car.

7. Clean the Leather of Your Car

If you have leather seats in your car, then you must purchase a leather-cleaning kit and always carry it in your car. With a cleaning kit, you can always clean your car on the go without any further worry about expensive seat changes.

Before starting the process of stain removal, use a conditioner, and pretreat the leather. After that, rub the ink on the leather seat and let it rest for at least 30 seconds. Last but not least, mop it off with a clean cloth. Complete this cleaning process by applying the leather cleaner and the leather protection cream.

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8. Deep Cleaning

To make sure your car looks like a new one, there is a need for car deep cleaning. Start with cleaning your car carpets. For the same, you can make use of a carpet cleaning machine that will be helpful in removing deep dirt settled on your carpet.

A carpet cleaning machine sprays a mixed solution of water and cleaner on your carpet and absorbs all the dirt. If you don’t wish to spend on such machines, you can also avail it on rent basis or just use a scrub brush instead.

9. Brushing the Air Vents

Ac vents absorb the maximum amount of dust in a car. If you’re thinking about using a vacuum with a brush attachment for getting rid of this dust, then you’re totally wrong. It’s quite simpler and easier to clean, all you have to do is take an easily available paintbrush with a little furniture polish. Now take the brush and move it into the vents to cumulate the dust.

10. Don’t Forget the Seats

While cleaning a car, we always tend to forget what’s behind the seats. There could be a bunch of things like lost pens, cell phones, etc. For finding all this stuff and cleaning your seats, use a vacuum cleaner. Remove all your car mats and vacuum the carpet. For cleaning up the dash and door panels, you can attach the brush attachment to your vacuum.

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