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In India, you would hardly find any car without dents and scratches. It is a common and unfortunate norm here. Given the traffic condition and how rough people drive, every car owner in India has learned to live with their car(s) having a few dents here and there. However, the dents can really come back to haunt you when you try to part ways with the car. When I went to sell my car in the used car market by connecting with buyers online and offline, a few dents here and there became the bargaining chip for the buyers.

While I don’t disagree with this condition of asking for a discount based on dents, the amount some buyers asked to discount was on the verge of an insult. Soon I realized that it is the case with the majority of the buyers who were expecting a new car in their search for used cars.

So, the question is whether the dent in the car negatively affects your car’s resale value? Here are the few factors that would help you find out.

Car Dent Affects the Value of a Used Car

How Big the Dent is?

From my experience, the first thing that most buyers look at is how big the dent is. The size of the dent can make a massive difference as it would negatively impact the visual appeal of the car. Moreover, bigger dent means a higher cost of getting it fixed. Most buyers would want to cut the cost of repairing it from the asking price of the seller. It is what most buyers were trying to achieve when I was trying to sell my car.

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The Dent in Your Car can be Easily Fixed or Not

Another factor that would decide if the dent in your car is really as dreadful or not is whether it can be easily fixed or not. Some of the dents that occur in the vehicle can be easily cleaned with car cleaning fluid and scratch removal liquid. A visit to the car garage near me helped me fix at least fifty percent of the scratches and dents in my car at a minimal cost. There are many solutions out there that would help in fixing the dents with ease. If your vehicle has minor scratch and dents that haven’t penetrated the car paint, you are lucky as it can be fixed easily. It won’t affect the resale value of the car much after it is fixed.

Dents were Visible

Some of the buyers who came to see my car in person were trying to decipher if the dents in my car were visible from 10 to 15 feet away or not. One of the ways many people decide if the car dent can be highly or slightly depreciative is from how far the dent is visible. If it is visible from a considerable distance, rest assured that you would have no choice but to give the sellers the bargain deal they are looking for. It is the norm in the used car market these days.

How Many Dents and Scratches?

One of the most critical factors that determine if the dent can dent the value of your used car is how many dents and scratches are there in your car. If you have a well-maintained vehicle that even has a car wax on and with very few hardly visible dents, you can be confident while negotiating with the buyers. In such cases, getting the asking price becomes easier. However, if there are too many visible and big dents in your car, the car value would be significantly depreciated. I appraised the car before trying to sell to know what it is worth and on the advice of my trusted mechanic, got the dent removal job at few places to bag a better deal.

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In Conclusion

In India, it is not possible to completely safeguard your car from scratches and dents. However, proper maintenance and going for car wash regularly would help your car look pleasant and appealing. Opting for car wax is another way to add a layer of protection on your vehicle from dents and scratches as well as from rusting.

The points I mentioned above would give you a good idea of how much dents matter when it comes to evaluating the value of your used car. Try to maintain your car well and get the minor dents and scratches repaired and removed before trying to sell to get a better price.

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