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The monsoon is one of the most serene times of the year. With our surroundings turning lush green after getting drenched in water, the petrichor and piping hot coffee or chai, life seems good.

On the other hand, the monsoon season is also one of the most uncertain times of the year. At one instance, it is sunny and before you know it, clouds gather and it starts pouring heavily. If you are someone along the foothills of a mountain or in a city, you are more likely to face the consequences of the monsoon in terms of clogged waters, bad traffic, fallen trees, power outages and more.

Commuting becomes a trouble and even getting some of the most basic things done becomes a daunting task. This is more when your commute or travel involves you driving a car.

So, if you are someone who drives a car to work or to get somewhere during the monsoon, this infographic is just for you.

We have analysed some worst-case scenarios that could happen to your car when you’re out during the monsoon season and some quick fixes to deal with the situation better. From having a tow rope and a shovel handy to get your car quickly out of the mud to carrying snacks and beverages while you’re whiling away time in a non-progressing traffic, we have listed 5 life situations.

Head to the infographic to check out the other situations and their fixes and prepare yourself for the beautiful season. Also, share this with everyone in your circle to make their monsoon drives better and more rewarding as well.

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