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My brother-in-law Viju bought a new car six months ago and he told me that it was a special feeling to buy and own a new car. I bought my own first car a few months later and I could literally feel what Viju told me. The car came with the freedom and potential to take me anywhere at any time without relying on cabs or friends.

My family and I planned a short trip to Udaipur on the next weekend. On our way back Viju told me about his experiences with cars. He bought his first car three years back and paid a considerable amount for fixing minor car repairs during the initial year. He advised me to regularly service and maintain the car so it remains in excellent condition. He explained to me about the following car repair hacks which he learned over the years that could actually save money on minor repairs.

Here are some car repair hacks:

Checking the Car’s Air Filter:

A choked air filter has the potential to shorten the life of a car and add to the costs of car repairs in the long term. Because an unclean filter directly affects a car’s performance, it must be checked and changed every 20,000 km .

Changing your car’s air filter is quite simple. All you have to do is find an air filter suitable for your car. Refer to your car manual for getting a better understanding of it. After purchasing the right air filter, open your car’s hood. The filter box can be easily located. It has a hose connected to it. Open the box properly and get rid of the existing air filter. Put the new one in its place and your work is done.

Although it’s a simple task, if you’re unable to find the air filter or are hesitating while changing it, take it to a car mechanic. The cost of taking it to a mechanic is much lesser than the price you might have to pay for the potential damages caused by a misfitted air filter.

Keeping an eye on the Coolant fluid:

Coolants protect your car from overheating and people usually avoid taking care of the coolant fluid levels. If you keep an eye on the coolant levels and check for it at least twice a year, you will save yourself make a visit to the car garage.

The coolant fluid can be changed once in a while and you can also save money on it. Switch off the car’s ignition and look for a large translucent container marked as ‘coolant’ under the bonnet of your car. Now check the coolant levels. If the level appears low, purchase a suitable car coolant and refill it.

Battery Terminals:

Many a time a car’s battery gets corroded. Any form of deposits on the battery terminals can increase the chance of your car getting into trouble.

To avoid this scenario carefully take away the cables attached to your car’s battery. Now pick up a neat cloth and clean the deposits settled on the battery. Make sure that the ignition is turned off while you perform any such repairs.

Minor repairs and precautions can maintain the car and avoid major damage to its performance. Viju told me it would hardly take ten minutes to perform such repairs as they are simple and cost-effective..

Try solving such minor problems at home. But please do not attempt to fix any major problems of your car yourself. If  I am not confident about the problem, I would find a car garage near me and let the professionals do the job. I would suggest you do the same.

If you are facing issues in finding a specific part, or in understanding the mechanism of removing battery terminals or air filter, then I recommend you to go through thoroughly the car manual.  Just to feed your curiosity, you can watch online tutorial videos where experts change the parts in their cars. All of that said and done – a mechanic will help you take care of these issues and will assure you quality service. If you are facing even a second of difficulty in performing any of these repairs, take your car to a mechanic.


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