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Car Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car Look Brand New

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What do you visualize when you think about a car that’s five or six years old? Well, usually the car you visualize in your imagination is worn out, full of scratches and dent, makes bumpy noises, stained and torn car seats, and much more on the similar lines. However, if you look at my car, you wouldn’t be able to guess that its five years old, and if the car model wouldn’t have given it away, it would be hard to guess the age of the car at all.

Yes, that’s how well-maintained my car is, and the reason behind this is that I take really good care of my car. My car is very precious to me, and I don’t treat it as a commodity like I’ve seen many of my friends treat their cars. I regular order car wash services and go for car servicing without delay.

I also have some tricks up my sleeve that I use to ensure that my car not only looks spick and span but also performs like new. In this article, I would share some of these valuable tips with you, so that you can keep your car as good as new for longer than usual.

Car Maintenance Tips

Change the Oil of Your Car After Every 7,000 – 8,000 Kilometers

One of the best ways to ensure that your car’s engine works optimally is to change the oil of your car after every 7,000 – 8,000 kilometers. Delaying the changing of the oil would impact the performance of your engine and send a ripple effect across the car by negatively impact other functions. In short, it would slowly but surely shorten the lifespan of your car.

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Check Brakes

The brakes on the car are not meant to last forever, and if you feel that its efficiency has depleted over a period of time, getting it replaced or repaired is essential. I don’t the brakes irrationally as faulty brakes can lead to a fatal accident. I make it a point to specifically ask mechanic when I go for car servicing to check the brakes for any faults or if it needs replacement.

Car Wash

I take my car for a car wash every other week to ensure that no dust particles or debris settle on the paint coat of my car or washes away its shine. Not only do I regularly go for a car wash but I have also got Teflon coating done on my car. It ensures that the dust particles don’t affect the shine of the car. Moreover, it also saves the car from minor brushes as well as various other environmental factors that can potentially wear out the exterior of the car and give a dull look. With Teflon coat on the car’s body, it would shine as new always. However, make sure to go for Teflon coating once a year or every six months, whichever is feasible for you. waterless wash like Eco Friendly car wash

Car Interior Cleaning

Many of my friends’ cars look good from the outside but smells and look weird in the inside. It is because the interior of the car is filled with dust and leftover food and dust particles. It leads to bad odor in the car cabin. If such practices are not corrected on time, the interiors of the car would be irreversibly damaged. I vacuum the interior of my car every few days and also use professional services for interior dry cleaning.

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In Conclusion

It is not that difficult to keep your car look and feel good even after five to six years if you maintain it well. I do agree that it does take some time, effort and money to maintain it, but a car is an expensive investment you don’t make too often. So, it only makes sense to put in some time to keep it in tip-top condition.

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