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Car Noises: What It Tells About The Health of Your Car?

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My father bought a Mahindra Jeep 550 in 1996 and used it for sixteen years. He was very sincere about its servicing and maintenance.  When I bought a Mahindra Bolero in 2009 he advised me that it was vitally important to carry out regular maintenance of the SUV. I followed his footsteps and was adamant about taking the SUV to the car garage near me for regular servicing. I noticed that maintaining the tyre pressure, engine fluid levels, and changing the oil regularly, improved the driving quality of my car. Because it was an SUV, we could plan road trips with family and with regular servicing I was fearless about any breakdown.

During one such trip, I heard a squealing sound from the wheel of my car. I was astonished on hearing it because it was hardly five days that I took the car for servicing. I called my mechanic and explained to him the situation. He enquired if the brakes had been working fine. I checked and they were good. He told me not to worry about it and pay him a visit after I am back. There was no other issue with the car but I heard the squealing sound thrice during the journey.

I took the car to the mechanic once I was back and asked him to have a look. He checked and in less than fifteen minutes I was good to go. There was a minor concern with the brakes which caused the squealing sound. The mechanic told me that car noises have become a common phenomenon and it indicates that the car is not in good condition. I requested him to explain to me about it so that I can be more careful in the future.

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He told me if I hear a screeching sound on accelerating the car it is possible that the car’s fan belt needs replacement. Getting the belt repaired or replaced can prevent that noise. If I do not take proper care of the car I might end up hearing a loud banging noise. Such noises are caused if there is a leakage somewhere in the car or if the engine is no longer in working condition. It is only after inspection that any solid conclusion can be derived.

Cars also make grinding sound from either the inside of the car or from underneath it. If the grinding sound is from the inside of the car it indicates that something is wrong with the clutch and the latter means the car is low on oil. Sometimes one can also notice a screeching sound from the windshield. He advised me to immediately bring the car to the garage if I hear any sound from the windshield. Generally, it occurs because the car’s wipers have been worn out and it is the right time to replace them.

The mechanic told me these are some common noises that individuals encounter with cars. Every car has a different story and each sound signifies how healthy or unhealthy the car is.

I recommend everyone should take precautionary measures and get her/his car repaired as soon as the need arises. If your car is taken for servicing frequently a specialist will diagnose the problem before it is severe and also resolve it. You might never understand how the grave situation might be, merely on hearing the sound. Therefore, it is advisable that you approach the car mechanic near you and let him diagnose the problem as soon as you hear any abnormal noises while driving.

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