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Cars have fascinated me since my childhood. I enjoyed reading everything related to cars and automobiles. When I was in college, my roommate Rutul had a car. He always emphasized on responsibly maintaining the car. He executed basics service tasks like changing the oil, air filter, and replacing the coolant once in a while all by himself. I often assisted him and gradually learned about the tactics.

A few years later I bought a Hyundai Verna. The company offered me three complimentary car services which eliminated the labor and car wash charges. All I had to pay was, for the oil, filters, and other necessary parts. After the complimentary services were exhausted, I thought of approaching the car garage near me for a full service from the next time.

After two months of service, I noticed that my car was overheating. Initially, I decided to call the car mechanic near me, but, having learned the basic tactics from Rutul, I decided to have a look first. I noticed the coolant fluid was below the mark. I went to a store, purchased the coolant fluid and refilled it carefully. I left for office the next morning and suddenly my car stopped midway. I tried restarting but the efforts were in vain.

Meanwhile, I noticed white smoke emerging from the car bonnet. When I stepped out for inspection, I realized that the bonnet was hot and the car engine had overheated. I could find a car garage nearby and asked the mechanic for help.

He towed the vehicle to his garage. I explained to him about the overheating situation and refilling of the coolant. He told me the repair would take time and hence I left for office. I went straight to the garage after leaving the office. The mechanic had called to inform me that the car was ready. As soon as I reached, he took me for a test drive. The problem was resolved and we were good to go.

The mechanic advised me that individuals often feel car repair is easy but it is always better to have it done by professionals. Instead of refilling the coolant if I had taken the car to a garage, the breakdown could have been avoided. During my inspection, I noticed the coolant fluid level was below the mark, but I did not care to know the reason behind it. There was a leakage in the coolant storage tank and in the connecting tube, which caused the overheating.

He said people often attempt to change the engine oil of the car and end up getting drenched in oil because they are unaware of the technical procedure to do so. Individuals also attempt to replace the car battery all by themselves and mess up with the refitting, because there are many tiny bolts attached to it. He told me that it is not safe to attempt replacing shock absorbers or fix the fuel pump unless one has adequate knowledge or know the technical procedure for executing that task.

Even though these are simple tasks but you can injure your hand or leg while removing or replacing the shock absorber. In case if any damage occurs to the part you will have to spend a lot of money. To not let this happen you must contact a trusted car specialist.

People tend to underestimate the risks associated while dealing with a car engine. In most cases, individuals intend to save on the cost and thereby repair the car themselves. But, improper repairs can lead to accidents. Remember not everything is supposed to be a DIY. Get your car serviced every once in a while from professionals and avoid disasters at home.


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