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Car Servicing Guide: Things To Remember While Servicing Your Car

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I was travelling by bus from Ahmedabad to Vadodara. Before departing, I had visited a few showrooms to enquire about the shortlisted car models that I intended to buy. The bus was comfortable and it was a three-hour journey. I decided to utilize the time and went through the brochures provided by the showrooms which included information like car features, mileage, technology, color variants, and others.

The passenger sitting right next to me was also keenly observing the brochure. After some time he asked me if I would mind him looking into one of them. He introduced himself. His name was Rahul and he was a mechanic at an authorized company-owned service center in Ahmedabad. I told him I intended to buy my first car before Diwali. That was when he explained to me the various features of different car models that I should look into.

Rahul also told me that people often overlook taking care of their new car. Individuals believe that general car servicing would be enough to maintain the performance, which is not true. I requested him to explain more about it. He said there are many things to keep in mind while opting for the servicing of a new car.

Read the owner’s manual carefully.

He asked me to read the owner’s manual of the car thoroughly. It helps one in understanding the services required to maintain a car. It is essential to contact the car garage near you and check if those services are offered by them. Also, inform the mechanic about any additional minor or major issue of your car. If you do not inform about the specific problem, it will go unchecked.

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In the next step, take a close look at the external parts of your car. You have to examine the quality of service offered by your mechanic. Even if it is something as small as a dent, let the mechanic know about it. If there is any dent, the mechanic will car wax or car paint to fix it. If it is not done, point out the problem, and get it done.

Pay attention to the safety mechanism of your car.

He believed that new car owners usually ignore understanding of the safety mechanism of the car. Safety mechanism includes seatbelts, windscreen wipers, engine oil, coolant, tyres, and handbrake. Windscreen wipers should not have any cracks on them. Engine oil and coolant should be at their optimum levels. Tyres should never be left under-inflated. And the handbrake should be functioning properly. All these mechanisms must be checked and tested once the car is serviced.

Check your car battery and air filters before giving the car for servicing.

It is extremely important to maintain a car battery. Car servicing packages include testing the car battery as well. Inspect the battery terminals regularly as they get corroded at times. Ask the car mechanic near you to clean it up and fill up the battery fluids during the car service, if required.

Clean air filters are inevitable to maintain a car’s performance. An air filter of a new car also gets dirty. If it is not replaced, your car’s engine will be filled with dirt and it will have a severe impact on its performance. Necessary care should also be taken to keep the car AC dirt free.

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In Conclusion

These are common tips that are usually ignored. Not paying attention to even one of these factors might create complications for your new car. Never skip your car servicing schedules. Regular servicing helps the car experts to resolve any issue on time. Your new car will continue to perform excellently if the servicing is done right. Hence, it is recommended that you closely inspect your car before and after service.

Do not ignore any minor problems after servicing. Visit a mechanic as soon as you feel realize that is something is not right. Taking good care of your car will make you fearless about any breakdowns or major repair costs in the long term.

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