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Car Tyre Care: 4 Tips to Keep Your Car Tyres in Best Shape

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Tyres form an essential part of your car, and it is the reason why you need to take care of it properly. I realized the importance of keeping the tyres in top shape the hard way. I have always had my car serviced at a reputed garage. While I was always concerned about the color and the engine, the tyres never crossed my mind. It was until my tyre blew out while I was driving. I changed the tyre and took the car to the garage.

The experts found that there was severe wear and tear on the tyre and it has to be replaced. I was disappointed as it was still under warranty, but the expert told me that I needed to take proper care of the car tyres so that they remain in top condition for a more extended period. He also shared some of the expert tips that I was thankful for. Here are some of the ways you too can take care of the car’s tyres so that you do not have any issues with them for years –

Here are some Car Tyre Care Tips

Check The Tyre Pressure

The expert told me that I should check the tyre pressure at least once or twice a month. He told me not to just rely on your mechanic to check the pressure when you take it for service. You need to take proactive action too and check the tyre pressure periodically without fail. I have since then made it a habit to have the tyre pressure checked once or twice a month.

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Not To Overload The Car Too Much

He also told me not to overload the car too much. Most vehicles have a limited amount of weight specified that they can carry. It is essential not to take more load than what has been specified. It puts pressure on the tyres and can cause faster wear and tear over time. Thus, I had to be careful, and I have ensured that I do not overload the car.

Check Tyre Wear and Tear

He asked me not to wait for the tyres to be on its death bed before deciding to replace it. Most tyres have a life cycle of about 6 to 10 years, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be replaced before it. If you drive your car daily or the weather in your city is hot and humid most time of the year, you might have to replace the tyres much before it is to expire. I have already replaced one of the car tyres recently because it suffered severe wear and tear.

Periodically Rotate the Tyres

He also told me to periodically rotate the tyres so that there is even tearing on the tyres. Most experts suggest rotation of tyres after about 9,000 to 12,000 km or depending on the condition of the tyres. While it is easy for me to do it on my own, I prefer to take the help of a professional as he had a better idea of how to rotate the tyres properly and would do so correctly.

All of the above points have allowed me to keep my car’s tyres in the best shape. I have also become more conscious of the way I drive to ensure that I am not putting too much pressure on the tyres and cause damage to them unknowingly. If you too want to extend the life of the car tyres, you can use the above tips, and you will be surprised at how long the tyres last. If you are still confused as to when the tyres should be replaced, it is best to take professional advice. They can check the tyres and determine whether the tyres are in good condition or not.


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