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For a beginner or someone who has been recently into learning to drive, a car could be a complex entity. With a confusing dashboard, loads of buttons and the temporary confusion of clutch and gear and a myriad of indicators on the dashboard, one could get instantly perplexed with all this.

That’s why we felt it was essential to help all you beginners out there get a clear idea and understanding about the car you learn to drive. We came up with an interesting infographic on some of the warning signs you would get to see on your dashboard so you could know what they are and how to respond accordingly.

Check it out.

Car Warning Indicators

Fuel Indicator

Self-explanatory, this warning sign indicates that your car is running out of fuel and that you should refill immediately.

Open Door Alert

When this light goes off, understand that either you or one of the passengers have not closed the door properly.

Battery Alert

This means the battery in your car is draining out and that it needs to be replaced.

Oil Alert

When the oil in your engine is less or if the oil is too hot, this light turns on.

Handbrake Alert

When this light is on, it primarily means you have pulled your handbrake. But if this icon remains on even after you’ve released your handbrake, it could be because of a probable malfunction in your car’s braking system or low brake oil.

ABS Alert

When there is a problem in your car’s anti-lock braking, this turns on. However, this does not affect your car’s regular braking.

Seat Belt Alert

You are probably familiar with this. This alert is triggered when you are not wearing your seatbelt. This indicator sights right at the speedometer console.

We believe this was useful and if you know anyone getting confused, share this infographic.

Safe driving!

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