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Car Wash Care: 5 Things You Should Keep In Mind

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My nephew Mohit visited me on a Sunday evening with his new car. When he was a kid he always helped me in cleaning and washing my car. He believed I was the one he could turn to for advice regarding his car wash care

I bought my first car in the late 90s and since then I have owned several new and used cars. Cars have fascinated me and I never missed a chance to buy a new or a used one every two or three years. I took a lot of effort in maintaining and servicing my car. I ensured all my cars remained neat, clean, and polished. I have witnessed car products and washing techniques evolve and have always tried to know as much as possible about them.

I referred to a  car mechanic near me to Mohit because he was the one I trusted for the service and maintenance of my car. Many individuals feel that a car wash is a DIY hack. Individuals often make it sound simple, but it is a complex procedure. There are different variations of a car wash. A waterless car wash is one of them. From my experience, I have learned some peculiar things to keep in mind during the car wash process. I have taken my car for professional washing for years.

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Here are the top tips for car wash care:

Take your car for servicing – regularly.

When we talk about car wash the most basic wash comes first. It includes cleaning the car with water and foam. Any car mechanic near you will opt for this wash when you intend to get your car serviced. First – the dirt settled on your car is wiped off. Then he drives your car to a spraying tunnel. Soap and cleaning agents are sprayed on your car and finally, all the foam and cleaning agents are wiped off using a hygienic material. Hence, you should take your car for servicing frequently. This automatically ensures that your car gets a professional cleaning every now and then.

Don’t keep anything sharp in the proximity of your car when you’re washing it.

If you intend to wash your car all by yourself, you must avoid scratching your car’s paint accidentally. It can happen if you use or wear something sharp while washing your car. A belt, watch, keys or anything sharp can scratch the car’s surface. It is better to take precautions beforehand, as you will have to bear additional expenses on the car paint’s if that happens.

Pay attention to the car products you choose.

Car products must be selected wisely. Your car is valuable and you must not ruin it by using the wrong products. Read the instructions of the product carefully before purchasing. Buy it only if it is recommended for your car type. Reading the product instructions carefully will also help you in using the product in the right manner.

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Drying your car properly is as important as cleaning it.

I bought an electric dryer kit for my car and I strongly recommend it to everyone who owns a car. You will notice spots or marks after washing your car. These marks are caused by home towels used for drying off the external parts of your car. Using an electric car dryer will help you get rid of such marks and easily clear all the water drops from the car’s body.

Don’t forget the wheels in your car.

I always instructed the car garage near me to carefully wash the wheels of my car during the wash. You can also ask your mechanic for the same. Wheels get dirty easily and often go unnoticed. As a result, they wear out. It is better to get it cleaned properly during every wash.

Cleaning and washing your car is the first step towards maintaining a car. If you choose to clean your car make sure you do it carefully and in the right manner. And, if you cannot spare time for it, instruct your mechanic to get your car washed during the service. Do not wash your car or take it to the car wash every week. It will affect its body. Clean your car with a dry cloth every day and get it washed at a regular interval.

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