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How To Know Your Car Wheel is Unbalanced?

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I bought a brand new Hyundai Accent two years back after my first promotion. This year my company gifted me a Mahindra XUV because of my exemplary performance in International sales. Now that I had a new car I decided to sell off my first car. With the growing resale market in India, I was confident of grabbing an attractive deal as my car was well maintained and serviced.

I called an authorized company reseller and fixed an appointment for the next morning. He was amazed by the condition of my car. It was well-maintained and dent free. I ensured my car was waxed once in four or five months which maintained the smoothness of the body.

We went for a test drive. To my surprise, the car was shaking at high speed. This got me tensed because I did not know what was wrong. My mechanic usually fixed everything during car servicing. The reseller told me the car was in perfect condition and he will look for potential clients. He said the car’s great condition will help him get a good number of buyers interested in it. That said, he warned me about the shaking problem and said that if I can’t get it fixed, I will not be able to sell the car despite the possibly high buyer interest.

Here was the root cause.

I called the car garage near me and requested an urgent appointment to fix the wheel balancing problem. I reached the garage at the scheduled time and asked the mechanic to have a look. He enquired if the tyres had been replaced recently. To get a high price, I had replaced one pair of tyres with new ones. The mechanic informed that the wheel balancing was not done correctly during the replacement which affected the steadiness of the car at high speed. I requested him to brief me more on wheel balancing and problems related to it.

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What is an unbalanced wheel?

The mechanic explained that an improper wheel balancing simply means that each tyre is not getting the amount of pressure and weight that they were designed to endure. It is not easy to detect wheel balancing issues but there are subtle initial signs which can help us identify that the wheel balancing is out.

The ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of an unbalanced wheel.

The mileage of the car is significantly reduced in case of improper wheel balancing just like in improper wheel alignment issue. Due to the increased pressure and friction faced by the tyres, the engine consumes more fuel and affects the mileage of the car. In case of a major wheel balancing issue, you may feel vibration below your seat or while holding the steering wheel. If you experience such an effect then the problem has progressed to an advanced stage and you must call the car mechanic near you to fix the issue.

Wheel balancing is important whenever you replace your tyres with new ones. New tyres and old tyres have uneven wear which has to be stabilized by balancing them properly. Due to improper wheel balancing there is increased pressure on a particular wheel or set of wheels which also affects the wheel rim. If you notice any particular rim wheel constantly facing problems it may be indicative of an improper wheel balancing.

Whenever the tyres are repaired during the car service it is essential that the wheel balancing is checked. Repairs can cause the default settings to change and hence it must be checked by a mechanic to avoid improper wheel balancing issues.

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In Conclusion

These are some signs that your car needs wheel balancing. The functioning of the car is affected if it is not resolved in time. It makes the car susceptible to accidents and increases the wear of tires due to excessive pressure.

Get your car serviced regularly and ask the mechanic to verify the wheel balancing. It is important and also increases a car’s life span.


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