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I am an automobile enthusiast and keep track of all the new cars that enter the market, not only in India but overseas as well. My friend takes my suggestions when they plan to buy a new car. My never-ending love for cars is what makes me buy a new car and sell the existing one every couple of years. It is a good idea for some and may not be for some others but to each his own.

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One of the reasons why I have been able to sell my used car and buy a new one periodically is because I’ve been able to fetch a good price on my existing car. The secret behind getting a good price is a Certified Used Car. Thanks to so many online and offline authorized car dealerships specializing in selling used cars, getting your car certified have never been easier. Once your old car is certified by a reputed auto dealership, getting a good price will become easier too. Here are the few reasons why you should get your old car certified too –

Getting your old car certified would help you gain the trust of the prospective customers. It is a well-known fact that buying a second-hand car is always a gamble in India, and buyers are always concerned about whether they are making the right decision or not. Even if the car looks great from the outside as well as inside, it is only after driving it for a couple of months does it starts to show its true character. In many cases, people have noticed that problems they never guessed started to surface in just a couple of months of buying a used car that added to their maintenance cost. Buying a certified used car means that the buyers can be sure they won’t have to face such surprises.

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Benefits Of Certified used cars

Certified cars help you get better resale value

I have seen cars in almost new condition going away for peanuts, and it was because the cars continue to depreciate in value as soon as it leaves the showroom. However, the certification process brings stability in such depreciation, and in fact, helps in appreciating the value of the used car to an extent. The cars go through a rigorous vetting process in terms of checking the engine, interiors, exteriors, car performance, mileage, and other parameters, before being certified. A well-maintained car is graded accordingly and certified, which helps the car owners to confidently command the asking price when dealing with prospective buyers.

One of the reasons why buyers prefer certified used cars is because of its limited warranty and assurance it offers

When you are spending a considerable amount of money on buying a used car, you want to hold the car seller accountable in case things go south from the day of purchase itself. If there is no one to hold accountable if the car breaks down or starts showing the problem from the next week onwards, it becomes a risky affair. In such cases, the buyers pay low prices, and the car sellers can’t command a high price even if the condition of the car is impeccable.

A Worry-Free Experience

One of the main reasons for buying a certified used car is – a sense of security. Here, you’ll not have to worry about any expensive repairs or frequent breakdowns. Even Though these cars are second hand still they are thoroughly inspected before their certification.

Some dealers also provide a history of the vehicle that has details regarding past accidents and information about its prior owner.

In Conclusion

You need to ensure that you take your car for car servicing and get it repaired for any issues before getting it certified. It would help you get better deals and better prices, which is not possible otherwise. The popularity of certified cars in the used car market is increasing with every passing day. If you want to fetch a good price, make sure you get your car certified as well. The process of getting your car certified is seamless and doesn’t take much time and effort. Everything is taken care of by the dealership and certification agency.

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Great Decision…But What About Car Insurance? 

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