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As a modern homemaker, I am aware of the dangers of not having a clean house. It would negatively impact the health of my family and give a cluttered and uninviting appearance as well. I frequently order deep cleaning and home cleaning services when I feel that there is just too much work for me to take care of on my own.

Having a clean home gives out a positive vibe and helps my family stay healthy. Moreover, in India, having a clean home is associated with spirituality and is said to attract wealth and prosperity. Here are the five things I regularly check to ensure that my house is not only clean but healthy as well.

Things I Check To Ensure My Home Is Clean

Proper Ventilation

The home should have good ventilation to maintain airflow, temperature and humidity levels indoors. Moreover, it allows fresh air circulation for better respiratory health. If the house is enclosed from all sides without proper ventilation, it would impact the health negatively and feel suffocative.

The home without adequate ventilation also smells odd, which can be really repulsive and embarrassing when guests come over. I keep my windows open during day time, on and off, depending on my air-condition usage. It helps in circulating fresh air and venting out any unpleasant odour.

Enough Natural Light

I love sunlight and thankfully my house gets plenty of it. The natural light is essential for home as it helps in eliminating bad odour and helps the residents get that much-needed Vitamin D. People who are always indoors and don’t get sufficient amount of sunlight, end up suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin D.

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If your house does not get enough natural light, you can place mirrors at the right angles where the sunlight comes to multiply its effect throughout the house. Get strategic with placing a mirror, so that it not only helps in reflecting and increasing natural light but also with enhancing indoor décor.

Deep Cleaning

I use deep clean services offered by home cleaning professionals, who not only have the right equipment and tools to thoroughly clean the house, but know the right way to go about cleaning as well. When I clean my house, I generally clean the surface to achieve a neat appearance. However, in reality, there is always some dirt in the corners that needs to be removed as well, whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, sofa or bed.

Professional home cleaning services give a new and fresh feel to your home. It also keeps health hazards at bay by significantly enhancing the hygiene level of your home. I don’t mind the little amount I have to pay towards home cleaning services because of the results it gets me.

Have a clutter-free home to ensure that your home remains spick and span. Even with kids at home, I have been able to keep my house from getting cluttered by disciplining my kids. Also, I don’t procrastinate until the end of the day to pick and keep things in the right place.

Clean Bathrooms

Pay special attention to the bathroom. When it comes to the bathroom, using a cleaning agent every other day to wipe the floor, washbasin and commode are essential for it not to look dirty. Without regular cleaning, the floor might get greasy, which can be dangerous if you have older adults at home. Greasy bathroom falls can be fatal, and cleanliness can help avoid it.

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Damp-proof Walls

I regularly check my house for any wall scrapping or paint falling off. One side of my living room wall was getting damped frequently. So, I used plumbing services to get rid of the issue from the roots and also got my wall treated for being damp-proof. The gutters outside the house and the roof are well-maintained as well because this is the gateway for moisture to enter the house.

In Conclusion

Home cleaning is an extensive affair, and by regularly cleaning it yourself and periodically availing the professional deep cleaning services, it can be achieved successfully. To maintain the hygiene of the house, regular cleaning is essential. Also, if you are suffering from the menace of rodents and pests, do not hesitate to avail pest control services.


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