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In this age when we consume technology at an unprecedented rate, smartphones have become the most basic need in every person’s life. The sky is the limit for the younger generation, especially when it comes to investing in smartphones. This is because this generation focuses more towards becoming tech savvy at every instance of its lives.

However, regardless of the advancements they might exhibit, phones and gadgets often fail to perform with the same efficiency they did when we bought them. Let us have you primed on a few apps that can increase the lifespan of your smartphone.

Apps To Check Your Phone Health:

1. AccuBattery

Battery health increases the life of your smartphone. AccuBattery is a third-party app which monitors the health of smartphones. Most Android phones do not have a built-in battery monitoring functionality and hence their functioning downgrades after a while. This app gets this problem solved expeditiously.

AccuBattery calculates the battery health of your phone within 3-4 charge cycles. The app goes through a series of calibrations in order to determine the condition of your battery.

2. Simple System Monitor

Simple System Monitor, as the name suggests, monitors every aspect of your gadget’s system. The app is specifically designed for Android users. It takes into account different parameters and displays them in separate tabs.

The app enables you to view the RAM consumption for open mobile applications in real-time, monitor CPU/GPU usage through graphs, check device temperature and many such functionalities.

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The app runs in the background and uses only about 200 MB of RAM. The app also packs a basic file explorer and an app cache cleaner.

3. Phone Doctor plus

Phone Doctor plus saves you a trip to the mobile repair workshop. This app runs a series of hardware check-ups within just 8 minutes to ensure that every component of your phone is working adequately. There are about 25 different hardware tests, such as movement sensors, cellular and network connection sensor, humidity, temperature and pressure sensor test that the app performs.

4. Phone Check and Test

This free app provides an easy, guided process to check and test all the major components of your Android phone. It provides three basic functions: it lets you monitor your phone, perform a guided phone-test and generates a guided phone-test report. You can monitor the current usage of the CPU, battery, memory, storage, cellular and Wi-Fi.

In Conclusion

These apps help you get a good diagnostic of your phone at the comfort of your home or office. Mind well, no app can help you actually repair your phone. What these apps can help you with, is understanding what particular change in your usage is causing a negative impact on the life of the phone. Hence, these apps can be great if you would like to measure real-time impact of your activities and take precautionary steps.

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