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Indians love their children and spending time with them is one of the best moments of their lives. Similarly, even for the elderly, children can offer soothing health benefits. Many parents nowadays are using children therapy for the holistic development of their child as well as for the well-being of their own parents too.

Benefits of Children Therapy

Children therapy involves regular interaction between grandparents and children. Sometimes, it involves living with the grandparents for a long time. According to several studies and research, children therapy is quite beneficial for the health of elders. Several experts believe:

  • Elders suffering from dementia are more likely to be highly engaged while interacting with children
  • Inter-generational programming triggers the ability to teach in patients suffering from dementia. Dementia patients can teach children how to do simple tasks and basic information about the world.
  • For the children, interaction with their grandparents and elders has known to cure behavioral issues.

When children stay closer to their grandparents, grandparents feel more energized and livelier. This boosts their inherent will to live longer and help senior citizens stay healthy for life. The inter-generational connection helps both the child as well as an elder. In fact, many medical studies reveal that staying close to their grandchildren adds 5 years of life on an average in a grandparent.

Beginning with Children Therapy

Despite all the benefits of children therapy, many elders might be wary of this, especially the first-time grandparents. This is because they have become used to their quiet lives and a child can cause a serious commotion. Here are some tips to get started with children therapy:

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Learn to get involved

If you stay away from your grandchild, you will always feel aloof and conscious when he/she visits. Instead, spend more time with your grandchildren and get involved in their life.

Be a support system

Children therapy is not only about you, it’s about your grandchild too. Learn to support your grandchild and listen to their woes. When you provide an open ear and listen to him/her, he is more capable of dealing with the struggles in life in the future.

Children therapy is beneficial for the whole family. In the age of nuclear families, children therapy can help cure a lot of problems like loneliness, companionship, lack of support, etc. While this means a better lifestyle for the elder, it means more support in raising the child for the parents, too.

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