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Cyber Insurance Policies In India

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With the rise of the internet, what has equally increased is the number of online threats. The World Wide Web is a very vulnerable world to those who aren’t safe. With mediocre safety practices and lack of awareness, one can easily fall prey to a number of virtual exploitations.

And with the ever-increasing reach of social media, the safety of our identities and data is on us. That’s why it is inevitable for all netizens to understand some of the cyber insurance policies in India. Caringlyyours has curated this especially for you to know your stand and make use of them for your own online safety.

Let’s quickly look at what Cyber Insurance policies cover:

Social Media Coverage

Hacks and intrusions have become more sophisticated than ever and it’s essential that we have this covered on our insurance. With this, your prosecution and defense cost would be covered when somebody else uses your account to post anything that is against acceptable standards.

Identity Thefts

In a virtual world, it’s never easy to understand or find out the authenticity of the person behind another screen. Trust and privacy are really vulnerable and that’s why the policies cover your defense and prosecution cost when you encounter an identity theft, meaning, when somebody exploits gains as you.


This covers your prosecution costs when somebody you don’t know follows you virtually across your channels, causes emotional tension or harasses you.

The Other Significant Advantages of Cyber Insurance Policies

  • Protection from viruses, spyware, phishing and other malware attacks and coverage of restoration and defense charges.
  • Privacy breach and data compromise can be fought legally and be compensated with legal fees and damages
  • You would also be covered for instances of Information Technology (IT) Thefts, where you incur a financial loss due to cybercriminals.

Cyber Insurance policies are the dawn of a new era and sheds light on the importance of online activities and security practices. Let’s make the internet a better place together.

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