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Different Types of Mobile Covers to Protect Your Phone

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Your mobile phone’s cover is an essential accessory that you must choose with utmost care. This is because, in case of accidental falls, smudges from objects, etc., it’s the cover or case that comes to your phone’s rescue. It also protects the phone from dirt and dust, thus increasing its longevity.

Read on to know about the different types of cover available in the market that you can buy for your phone.

Transparent Gel Back Cover

A basic and lightweight cover that provides decent protection to your phone, a transparent gel back cover is also quite soft. Today, several manufacturers provide this cover in the box itself along with other accessories.

If you plan to use this cover, make sure to get a tampered glass cover along with it. However, it’s advisable not to use this cover if you live in a place where the temperature tends to soar.

Plastic Cover

This is one of the most widely available mobile phone covers that readily sticks to the phone’s body. These covers have a matte finish and are budget-friendly.

You can find this type of phone cover in different colours and designs. However, they are prone to breaking. On some occasions, they can feel slippery in the hands.

Hybrid Back Case

One of the more robust phone covers in the market, the hybrid back case cover has caught everyone’s attention of late. This cover has a dual protection layer with a polycarbonate shell inside. Shockproof, this cover also comes with a rear stand or holder.

Providing excellent protection to your phone, this cover is quite long-lasting. Having said that, using this cover tends to make your phone bulky and heavy.

Rubber Cover

The rubber cover is also one of the most popular phone covers available in the market. Made with rubber, this type of cover is available in various designs and colours.

Though it offers a good grip, the fitting tends to get loose with time. If you are looking for a budgetary phone cover, you can contemplate using it.

Flip Case

The flip case cover provides your phone wholesome protection as it covers the screen too. It also has an in-built protection layer. Available in various colours, in most cases, this cover is made of leather.

The flap front of a flip case cover has either a button or magnet. Though durable, using this cover, however, makes your phone heavy.

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Pouch Cover

If you are not very comfortable with a cover sticking to your phone’s body, then you can opt for a pouch cover. It’s like a carry bag and comes in various sizes and variants. This can be made of cloth, wool or leather.

Though a pouch cover is lightweight and easy to carry, it’s not very long-lasting. Also, there are chances of the phone getting damaged in the cover if you happen to drop it.

Metal Back Case

This cover provides complete protection to the phone’s body and is generally made of aluminium or any alloy. Though heavy, it provides robust protection to your phone and protects it from substantial damages.

The case scatters heat in a manner that keeps the phone cool. Available in different colours, this cover is a little expensive.

Fabric Case

A fabric case gives your phone a great look and enhances its design manifold. In most cases, it appears as a standard cover. Providing a good grip, this type of phone cover is available in different colours.

However, just like a metal back case cover, a fabric case is quite expensive and may not be available for all phones.

Leather Vintage Back Cover

This cover, made of leather, is quite durable and long-lasting. They provide an excellent grip and are suitable for phones with a sleek design.

Scratch-resistant, this cover offers protection against heavy damages. However, just like fabric case covers, it is not readily available for all phones.

Wooden Back Cover

If you love to give your phone a vintage look and feel, you can opt for this cover. It is either made of real or faux wood.

Offering excellent protection, this cover is quite long-lasting and doesn’t get spoilt easily. However, this premium phone cover may not be available for all the phones out there in the market.

Bumper Case

The bumper case is another variant of the transparent gel back cover. However, unlike the gel cover that’s soft to touch, the bumper case has a hard touch. There’s a layer of rubber around the edges that provide an extra layer of protection.

Offering excellent grip, this cover is quite suitable for phones that are sleek in design. Budget-friendly and lightweight, the cover, however, doesn’t protect the phone’s screen.


 Fibre Carbon Cover

This phone cover provides an elegant and unique look to your phone. Offering a strong feel and hold, the cover is manufactured using Kevlar fibre. This heavy protection case is used for high-end smartphones.

With a smooth texture, the cover provides high-grade protection. This cover is, however, expensive compared to others.

Thin Slim Fit

As the name suggests, this cover is pretty slim in look and perfectly fits in the scheme of things if your phone is compact in design.

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Available in different colours and sizes, the thin slim fit cover is also cost-effective. However, this cover doesn’t protect the phone’s screen.

Wallet Case

This phone cover not only keeps your phone safe but also doubles up as a case whereyou can keep your cards and money. It has various pockets and is made of different materials such as leather or silicon.

Covering the entire phone, this cover provides a good grip and is not very expensive. However, it is not very long-lasting and may not be available for phones of different sizes.

Holster Cover

This cover is made up of either leather or nylon and has a belt and clip through which we can easily attach them to our belongings. It provides 360-degree protection to your phone by covering it completely.

The cover makes your phone durable and gives it a professional look. However, it does make the phone bulky, and you have to take it out every time you want to use it for calls or other stuff. If the cover is made of leather, then it’s a little expensive.

Shell Phone Cover

This cover is made of plastic and offers your device protection against bumps and scratches. Pocket friendly and lightweight, this cover is ideal for budget-friendly phones.

Available in various designs, the shell phone cover is an ideal bet if you are looking for an inexpensive cover for your gadget.

Tough Case

To protect your phone from accidental drops, you can opt for a tough case. This cover has an inner soft protective layer to absorb the shock of a fall. The bolder edge of the phone also protects the screen.

Strong and inexpensive, the tough case cover may not be available for all the phones available in the market.

Rugged Case

With an inbuilt TPU shell, the rugged case provides extra protection to your phone. This cover protects against substantial damage due to falls. If you have a high-end smartphone, then you can opt for the rugged case cover.

The cover protects every angle of the phone, including the touch buttons. Durable and strong, the case, however, makes your phone quite bulky.

Arm Band Case

If you are an athlete with an active lifestyle, then you can opt for the armband case cover. It’s made in a manner that provides your phone protection during workouts.

Light and sturdy, the armband case cover is also sweat-proof. However, this cover is a little expensive compared to others.

With different kinds of mobile phone covers available, choose the one that fits your scheme of things.

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